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Sharing The Joy Through Sports

Coaching Sessions with APSN Tanglin School and Innova Primary School

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Luke Wang Yu Zheng and Jordan Chew Hong Xi
Table Tennis Academy, Secondary 4

The Table Tennis Academy organised a training session for students from APSN Tanglin School on 22 October 2022. Everybody had a part to play in ensuring the smooth running of the session. For example, each student-athlete was assigned a training partner from APSN to spar with. We led the students through the warm-up and training drills before playing together in a mini-doubles competition.

During the training, we were pleasantly surprised with their willingness to learn new skills and train with us. We also taught them to play together in a pair as it was their first time playing a doubles match. Doing so was a good experience for us as we experienced how it felt to coach someone new to a doubles setting. Each student-athlete was paired with a student from APSN during the mini-competition. Other than having fun, it was a good opportunity for all of us to learn new skills and make new friends. It was a meaningful experience as it was something we do not get to do often. We learnt the value of helping others and saw their joy through the sport of table tennis.

Also, 18 student-athletes from the Fencing Academy took on facilitating and coaching roles on 25 October 2022 as they shared their love for fencing with students from Innova Primary School. The Innova Primary students listened intently as our student-athletes introduced the sport to them. After the brief introduction, the students were raring to go and were split into smaller groups for a hands-on fencing experience. Our student-athletes sprang into action and facilitated the training session.

“Before we got the students to carry out the exercise, we demonstrated how the sport was supposed to be played and made sure they are able to follow our instructions. As the group size was not very big, we were able to help them to correct their positions individually,” said Secondary 4 student-athlete, Gianna Koh Shao Yuan.

The experience proved enriching to both parties. Our student-athletes learnt to clearly communicate their instructions and exercised patience when teaching the young ones, while the students from Innova Primary were introduced to a sport that some of them have not played before and learnt a new skill.

“The biggest takeaway from this experience was feeling a sense of pride to be able to teach others about my sport. Not only that, I feel that all of our communication skills have also improved as we had to communicate clearly to ensure that things go smoothly. Furthermore, we took on the challenge to make sure that the training we conducted was interesting to the students. I felt that we had done a good job as we contributed meaningfully to the community through the learning and application of sporting values, knowledge, and skills,” said Gianna.

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