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5-Medal Haul From Open Water Swim

2019 Open Swim Stars Sunset Race

As the sun set in the horizon of the waters off the shores of NSRCC Sea Sports Centre on 28 September 2019, Singapore Sports School’s swimmers rose from the sea to clinch 2 gold and 3 bronze medals at the 6th Open Swim Stars Sunset Race.

Swimmers raced in one of three distances: 1km, 2km or 4km. In the 4km swim, three student-athletes were amongst the top 10 finishers overall – Ervina Lim Qian Hui (5th), Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi (7th) and Sean Patrick (9th). 17-year-old Ervina completed in 01:01:38.5s to place 5th in a total field of 192 competitors. The Secondary 5 swimmer’s status of top female swimmer over 4km earned the Girls Youth gold medal in the distance category. Janel Susastra (Secondary 2) took home the bronze medal in the same age-group. Ritchie (DBS Year 1) and Sean (Secondary 4) placed 3rd and 5th in the Boys Youth 4km event.

In the shorter distances, Candice Ang Ruo Han (Secondary 4) topped the Girls Youth 2km, while Dora Kwok Sin Yu was third best female in the Youth 1km race.

Boys Youth 4km
3rd – Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi (01:03:20.2s)
5th – Sean Patrick (01:04:07.8s)

Girls Youth 4km
1st – Ervina Lim Qian Hui (01:01:38.5s)
3rd – Janel Susastra (01:14:50.0s)

Girls Youth 2km
1st – Candice Ang Ruo Han (00:28:16.1s)

Girls Youth 1km
3rd – Dora Kwok Sin Yu (00:15:31.8s)