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Zeanne Law and Jowen Lim Crowned Wushu World Champions!

16th World Wushu Championships
Singapore National Wushu Championships 2023

Photo Credit: Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation

Post-secondary student-athlete Zeanne Law Zhi Ning and alumnus Jowen Lim Si Wei have become wushu world champions! They won the coveted world champion title at the 16th World Wushu Championships from 16 to 20 November 2023 in Texas in the United States.

Zeanne, who is in the extended International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, was happy to be given the opportunity to compete against top athletes around the world at her first world championships. Her goal was to embrace the opportunity and learn from the best. However, she was pleasantly surprised when she became the crowning glory after she scored the highest in a field of 13 wushu exponents in Women’s Taijiquan.

The 18-year-old newly minted world champion shared with The Straits Times, “It is a surreal feeling to be standing on top of the podium at my first world championships. I never thought this moment would come by so quickly as I’m relatively young compared to my competitors. This success is based on the countless hours of dedicated training and constant fine-tuning of my techniques and strategies. The accumulated experience from this year’s SEA and Asian Games enabled me to have a better grasp of what to do and enhanced my confidence for these world championships.”

Zeanne also won a silver in Women’s Duilian with post-secondary student-athlete Zoe Tan Ziyi and alumna Kimberly Ong Li Ling.

Alumnus Jowen Lim Si Wei also experienced an unforgettable moment of glory when he was named the world champion. Though Jowen was disappointed by his poor landing in Men’s Chanquan which placed him in the 28th ranking, he overcame it and bounced back in style the next day to put up a perfect performance that won him the championship title for Men’s Gunshu. He scored 9.823 points in the event and managed to win Indonesia’s Seraf Siregar in the nail-biting tie-breaker after both scored the same results. Jowen also won a silver medal in Men’s Daoshu.

Alumna Kimberly Ong also bagged two medals at the world championships - a silver medal in Women’s Gunshu and a bronze in Women’s Chanquan.

SSP_Wushu_Singapore Wushu National Championships-1.jpg
The wushu competition season came to a close with the Singapore National Wushu Championships from 18 to 26 November 2023. Four student-athletes competed against their local competitors and emerged as gold medallists! They also proved themselves by winning medals in every event that they participated in.

Nessya Koh Li Yun from Secondary 2 and first-year Diploma in Business student-athlete Chia Kai Ming were big winners of the competition, clinching 3 gold medals each. Kassandra Ong Xue Ling won gold in Women’s Open Optional Changquan, while Jolie Goh won a gold and silver medal in Women’s Open Optional Taijijian and Taijiquan respectively.


16th World Wushu Championships

Zeanne Law – Women’s Taijiquan
Jowen Lim (alumnus) – Men’s Gunshu

Zeanne Law, Zoe Tan and Kimberly Ong (alumna) – Women’s Duilian
Kimberly Ong (alumna) – Women’s Gunshu
Jowen Li (alumnus) – Men’s Daoshu

Kimberly Ong (alumna) – Women’s Chanquan

Singapore National Wushu Championships 2023

Nessya Koh
3 Golds - Girls Junior 3rd International Changquan, Daoshu and Gunshu

Jolie Goh
Gold - Women’s Open Optional Taijijian
Silver -Women’s Open Optional Taijiquan

Kassandra Ong
Gold - Women’s Open Optional Changquan

Chia Kai Ming
3 Golds - Men’s Open Optional Changquan, Daoshu and Gunshu

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