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Record-Breaking Year For Swimmer Jerald Lium

Student Feature - Jerald Lium

Photo Credit: Singapore National Olympic Council and Sport Singapore

Post-secondary student-athlete and swimmer Jerald Lium has made significant strides in his sporting journey in 2023. He has illuminated in 2023 with a series of remarkable achievements, solidifying his status as an emerging star in the sport.

Jerald hit a significant milestone in his sporting journey when he made his major Games debut at the 19th Asian Games in September 2023, where he attained a personal best time in his 800m Freestyle event. Recently, at the 10th Singapore National Swimming Championships (25m) 2023, held from 21 to 25 November 2023, Jerald shattered the national open record in the 200m Freestyle event after touching the wall in 1:45.49 seconds. Adding to his accomplishments, he won another gold in the 400m Freestyle event at the same competition.

Expressing his thoughts on breaking the national record, Jerald humbly shared, “I am happy with the progress I have been making in the sport. The national record was a pleasant surprise, but there's still plenty of work to be done.”

Jerald's swimming journey commenced at the age of 9. The former Jurong Primary School student decided to join Sports School in 2017 when he was in Secondary 1 in pursuit of his passion for swimming and the desire to explore the depths of his abilities in the sport. He was also inspired to join as he had an older sister in the school and was well aware of the support given to aspiring athletes. The athlete-friendly support provided by Sports School, coupled with his hard work and determination, has propelled him to new heights as Jerald was inducted into the national team in April 2023.

Reflecting on his journey, Jerald shared, “Sports School has helped me immensely in balancing swimming and academics. I am extremely grateful for the support provided by all the school staff to make this possible.”

Despite recent success, he remains humble and is focused on improvement. He emphasised, “My goals in the sport has and will always be - to simply get better. I set process goals, not outcome goals. My love and passion for the sport have skyrocketed now that I know my purpose. It gives me a reason to push through the rough days. The training environment has played a crucial role in my development as an athlete. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by Singapore's best swimmers every day, from whom I can learn, challenge, and have fun.”

After tasting success in recent times, his advice to aspiring athletes is: "Don't obsess over results - they don't define who you are as a person. Instead, focus on your goals and enjoy the journey."

Beyond medals and records, he values growth, challenges and experiences that have shaped him as an athlete and individual. He is embracing the opportunity to compete with international swimmers in Tokyo, Japan, and will be on a three-week training trip in Oman.

His advice becomes more than words; it is a lived philosophy guiding his athletic pursuits and life’s challenges. With his maturity, commitment to excellence and hard work, Jerald is poised for even greater achievements and will be making waves in the future.

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