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Engaging Dialogue Session For Youths

Join My Life Series (Dialogue Session)

In a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives, 14 post-secondary student-athletes gathered for the Join My Life Series, engaging in discussions on social issues and topics of interest. The session, organised by People’s Association, was held on 25 November 2023 at the Woodlands Regional Library, to delve into the perspectives, concerns, and aspirations of youths and provide them a valuable space to seek clarifications and exchange ideas.

Swimmer Trinity Goh from the Diploma in Business course offered by Republic Polytechnic expressed the impact of the dialogue session on her outlook. She said, “The dialogue session has been instrumental in broadening my perspective on post-graduate life. It has reinforced the idea that success in today's dynamic professional world requires not only academic credentials but also a proactive approach towards adaptability, continuous learning, and the cultivation of meaningful connections. As I embark on my journey beyond university, I am inspired to embrace these principles, recognising them as essential elements for a fulfilling and sustainable career path.”

Artistic swimmer Ong Rae-Ann from the joint Diploma in Business Studies course with Ngee Ann Polytechnic echoed this sentiment when she remarked: “What stood out was the quality of questions raised by the participants. These thought-provoking inquiries opened up new avenues for reflection on my part, offering a glimpse into potential considerations for the future. The collective discussion not only broadened my understanding of what lies ahead but also served as a catalyst for personal growth. It was a forum that not only encouraged contemplation on future endeavours but also provided practical advice on self-improvement. Overall, the dialogue was a catalyst for positive change and personal development.”

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