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CAS Trip Broadens Horizon

Student-athletes’ reflections on CAS trip to Hong Kong

17 IBDP Year 5 student-athletes embarked on a Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) trip to Hong Kong from 19 to 24 November 2023. Besides learning about the local culture and heritage, they also had the opportunity to have a school exchange programme with the Singapore International School (Hong Kong) (SISHK). Year 5 Student-athletes Angela Li Yu Qing and Sean Ho Jia Le shared their takeaways from the trip.

Angela Li Yu Qing
Track and Field Academy, IBDP Year 5

I believe that everybody who went on the trip truly enjoyed ourselves on this trip. We learned new things about Hong Kong’s heritage through a well-planned itinerary and had the rare opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals from another country through our collaboration with SISHK as much as we bonded among ourselves. We would love to extend our gratitude to the school for subsidising majority of our trip’s costs, it would not have been possible without it.

Sean Ho Jia Le
Fencing Academy, IBDP Year 5

Being the first time in Hong Kong on an educational trip, I was fascinated by the fact that while Hong Kong and Singapore are similar in so many ways, we also differ in some ways. A tour of the old police station and mill drew my attention to the attention to detail that was taken in conserving the heritage while making the space viable for a refreshed purpose. We not only learned about the history of the country but also got the opportunity to experience the city life of Hong Kong, where we were taken to various well-known urban locations to split up into groups and explore. It was a good experience being in a foreign land where I could not speak the local language, as it forced me to speak slower and learn a bit of the local language to be able to communicate.

The second highlight of the trip was the opportunity to attend lessons with the students of SISHK. Being in a more diverse and open environment, the students were more well-spoken and well-informed, with each bringing a unique perspective and argument to certain debates and topics. As a result, classes tended to be livelier, and students tended to participate more.

This trip definitely opened my eyes to the commonalities between the two countries and afforded opportunities for connections to be made with our counterparts in Hong Kong.

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