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Exam’s Out, Fun’s In!

Post-Examination Activities

It was a befitting end to the final examinations and academic year as student-athletes enjoyed an interesting and fun post-examination programme. As Singapore Sports School aims to develop student-athletes holistically, the post-examination period was an excellent opportunity for the School to expose student-athletes to different areas. Activities were specially curated to develop a good programme for them to broaden their minds and unleash their talents.

One of the highlights was the arts and cultural programme that sparked the creative side of our student-athletes. Among the activities they enjoyed, the Secondary 1s picked up the basics of Wushu and Lion and Dragon Dance, tried Indian dance moves, and learnt to play the Malay Angklung. The Secondary 2s had a cajon and ukulele workshop and learnt song-writing from local singers Jack and Rai and even performed their own songs with them. They also had fun learning how to balance on a hoverboard, did stilt-walking, and learnt to juggle a poi ball which involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical patterns. The upper secondary student-athletes enjoyed a hands-on culinary and pottery session, put on their creative hats to do neon art jamming, and went for an interesting walking tour at Haw Par Villa or Marina Bay.

The multi-sport experience over two days was also valuable for student-athletes to gain exposure to different sports. It gave them the opportunity to try out Cycling, Kayaking, Sport Climbing, Weightlifting, and Wrestling in the presence of staff from National Sports Associations and National Youth Sports Institute, who assessed their potential. The two-day multi-sport experience was organised as part of the School’s Talent Optimisation Programme that was introduced to provide a systematic approach for student-athletes to try out new sports, and maximise their sports potential.

Bonding activities such as dragon boating and paintball were also organised for the Secondary 4s for them to bond with their friends. 

Post-exam activities continued in the evening for our boarders to unwind and relax. From butterscotch gingerbread trifle-making to playing board games, talks by boarding champions, movie nights, karaoke sessions, and playing board games and sports activities, student-athletes were well-engaged after their training.

The highlight of the post-examination boarding programme was Celebrate Score22! – SSP Got Talent. Student-athletes could dress up as their favourite characters to support their friends at the talent show at the Auditorium on 9 November 2022. Our sports talents put aside their training attire to showcase their other talents – and it was a pleasant surprise! As they hit high notes, impressed the crowd with stylish moves, and even made them laugh with stand-up comedy, the lively audience moved, grooved and cheered on their friends. It was an electrifying night to mark the end of the year before most student-athletes check out during the holidays.

The post-examination fun culminated with an Awards Ceremony on 10 November that honoured student-athletes for their excellence in academics, character, and sports. The Top in Level Award, Character Award, Post-Secondary (Polytechnic) Academic Awards, and Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl Awards were presented during the Ceremony. Also, Secondary 1 student leaders were officially inducted into the student leadership team.

As we close the academic year in 2022, we certainly hope that student-athletes have gained meaningful experiences that have engaged and enriched them holistically. Happy holidays!

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