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Hello, Post-Exam Fun!

Post-Exam Activities

Since the completion of the year-end examinations, student-athletes have been kept engaged through an interesting line-up of activities till the end of the school term. Each activity has been purposefully planned to broaden the minds and hearts of student-athletes, and contribute to their holistic development. The activities, which covered student development, academics, sports, and discipline, ensured that student-athletes gained knowledge and exposure in different areas that would be useful for them.

One of the highlights among the activities was a two-part speech and drama workshop. Through various elements of speech and drama, student-athletes explored an important social concern among youth today – cyberwellness. Using design thinking principles, student-athletes deliberated on the issues surrounding cyberwellness before they unleashed their creativity and showcased their hidden talents to mimic real-life situations. Student-athletes were also encouraged to come up with solutions on the spot. In the second part of the programme, they learnt the basics of presentation such as vocal projection, characterisation, and improvisation to develop their confidence in making an impactful and compelling pitch against cyberbullying. By giving a speech in front of the class, student-athletes tested their oratorical and presentation skills. Besides building their own confidence and stage presence, the speech and drama workshops built their empathy, developed their self and social awareness, and showcased their teamwork and leadership skills.

Student-athletes were also given the opportunity to think about their future through education and career guidance webinars. Lower secondary student-athletes had a session called "Envisioning my Future" with a counsellor from the Education and Career Guidance Branch in the Ministry of Education. During the session, the counsellor shared the importance of ECG, the value of discovering passions and interests, and introduced student-athletes to the MySkillsFuture portal. On the session, Secondary 2 student-athlete from the Track and Field Academy, Sharifah Falisha Syed Ahmed Riadh, shared, “I learnt a lot more about my choices in the future and it made me have a clearer view of what I can do once I finish school. It also helped me to realise that the choices in school will help me later on in life.”

Upper secondary and post-secondary student-athletes participated in the school’s second ‘In Conversation With Industry Professionals’ webinar. This time, six professionals from National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) gave student-athletes’ a better understanding of careers in the sports industry. They covered career opportunities in sports media, performance pathways, performance analytics, physiology, athlete life and talent identification. As past athletes and current staff in NYSI, they shared their life experiences, their job scope and career prospects. Secondary 3 student-athlete Stephanie Clarissa Kwa from the Swimming Academy appreciated their candid sharing. “The session was extremely useful as it shared with us the different job scopes within the sports industry. It was also good to know how we can turn our passion in sports into a career, and made us realise that we can continue to make a difference to aspiring athletes in the future.”

Other sessions organised for student and character development include level leadership workshops, student leaders-led activities, Lessons From The Champions e-session with alumna and former national athlete Dipna Lim Prasad, and end-of-year talks by Principal, Heads of Year, and Mentors. A crime prevention talk was also conducted online by Woodlands Neighbourhood Police Centre.

For the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme student-athletes in Year 5 specifically, university talks, Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) talks, and a personal finance 101 workshop were conducted.

The Mother Tongue Department also organised a cross-cultural programme for student-athletes to gain an understanding of the cultures of their peers. They were taught how to design their own kites; learnt the basics of playing an angklung; and learnt more about the Deepavali.

In addition, for the first time, two days were set aside for a multi-sports programme for academies to expose student-athletes to other sports and activities. Also, a pilot talent optimisation programme was organised in partnership with NYSI on 11 November 2020 to strengthen talent development by giving student-athletes the opportunity to try-out other sports. Student-athletes could give-it-a-go at Weightlifting, Petanque, Canoeing, Kayaking, Water Polo, Wrestling, and Cycling in the presence of representatives from National Sports Associations who introduced them to the sport and did talent identification.

Post-exam activities continued at Boarding were boarders relaxed and bonded over daily games, self-directed activities, and a movie night to keep them meaningfully engaged during off-school hours. One of the highlights of the activities organised were chit-chat sessions themed “Get To Know Your Boarding Champions” where student leaders Aqiilah Nissa Muhamad Nazzim (Netball, IBDP Year 5), Cheryl Wee (Netball, IBDP Year 5), Irsyad Mohammad Said (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5), and Yeo Ben Shin (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5) shared with the Secondary 1 boarders on their Sports School experience and life in boarding. An engagement session was also organised with boarding mentor and former alumnus Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, and Football Coach Mohammad Isa Abdul Halim.

It has been an exciting and action-packed two weeks of fun and friendship, and now our student-athletes are all set for the school holidays!

Happy Holidays! Stay safe.