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Academy Awards Caps 2019

2019 Academy Awards, Celebrate Score19!

Celebrate Score19!
So you think you can dance? Singapore Sports School student-athletes battled it out, not on court or on the field, but on the dance floor at the school’s Dance Battle of the Academies on 6 November 2019. The inter-academy dance competition was part of Boarding’s year-end Celebrate Score19! to mark the end of the school year which came to a close on 8 November.

Student-athletes let their hair down for the evening and strutted their moves – some danced to K-pop, some shuffled, some popped, others locked. The evening’s festivities, which began with a send-off ceremony of Team Sports School athletes going to the Philippines 2019 Southeast Asian Games, ended on a high note as each academy took to the stage to display their artistic talent.

Football Academy, with their fancy moves and their suave dressing, emerged the winner of the Dance Battle. Track and Field and Bowling Academies followed in 2nd and 3rd. Results of the Dance Battle contributed to the annual Academy Awards.

Academy Awards
The Academy Awards aims to build camaraderie and team spirit within each Academy as student-athletes work towards a common goal. The Awards, which considers areas such as academic performance (in relation to personal targets), sport performance, character and conduct and school spirit, motivates student-athletes towards becoming Learned Champions With Character and better individuals. Shooting Academy ranked top of the table for 2019 to lift the Academy Awards trophy on 7 November.

1st – Football Academy
2nd – Track and Field Academy
3rd – Bowling Academy
4th – Shooting Academy
5th – Fencing Academy