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Rolling In Medals

National School Games - Bowling (‘A' Division)

Our ‘A’ Division bowlers ended this year’s National Schools Games season with a bang with 5 medals. IBDP Year 6 student-athlete Jade Ooi showcased her exceptional skills in the Girls’ Singles category with a total of 1222 pinfalls, averaging at 203.7. Her outstanding performance earned her a well-deserved bronze medal.

Not content with just one medal, Jade went into the Doubles event with teammate Tanesiha Kaur Teo Eelin with the same zeal and zest to win. Together, the girls managed to score a total of 2396 pinfalls, and secured the silver medal. With the combined success of the two events, Jade claimed the 3rd position in Girls’ All Events.

In the Boys' events, Year 5 IBDP student-athlete Ryan Goi Chee Hean demonstrated his skills and determination in the 'A' Division League. In the Singles event, Ryan maintained an impressive average of 225 pinfalls, resulting in a total of 1350 pinfalls. Although he was narrowly defeated by Zach Ramin of ACS(I), Ryan's outstanding performance earned him a well-deserved silver medal. In the Doubles event, Ryan finished third with his teammate Leroy Kwek Peng Suan, scoring an impressive 2526 total pinfalls. On his performance, Ryan said, ‘I think I did great and I didn’t bother too much about my results and I stayed positive during the duration of the competition.”

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