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Qabeel Is A Champion On And Off The Track

Theme Feature: Mohammad Irfan Qabeel Md Daud

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When Mohammad Irfan Qabeel Md Daud is on the track, the 400m sprinter has gone the distance to master a huge sense of commitment, focus, discipline, and leadership – to be able to take charge and uphold the responsibilities of a student-athlete to do his best, and achieve his goals. Qabeel, who recently graduated from the Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management in May 2022, acknowledged that these are important life skills he picked up as a student-athlete at Singapore Sports School in the last 9 years.

“Sports School had always been one of my biggest guidance in shaping me into the person I am today.  Track and Field training has impacted me in terms of having to learn important life skills. For instance, setting goals and time management have helped me to stay mentally and physically prepared to face everyday challenges and hurdles. I was able to maximise my individual potential as a person and an athlete. The sweat and tears I shed during my training also gave me the discipline to stay motivated,” shared the Special Constable who is now serving his National Service in the Protective Security Command (ProCom), a special counter-terrorist police unit of the Singapore Police Force.

NoSSP_Mohammad Irfan Qabeel Md Daud_1.jpgw, these values, especially discipline, which he holds onto firmly, have become one of the key factors that enrich his experience during National Service, as it has taught him order and regulation, obedience, and above all, leading to leadership.

“Ever since I was enlisted in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in January 2022, I knew I could always give more in terms of portraying my determination and passion. I ensured that I walk into the SPF every day with complete focus and drive – ready to take on any task given to me regardless of how difficult or tough it may be. It has always been salient to me to ensure that I excel in both theory and fitness, coupled with strong character and a driven mentality,” he said.

His conviction to excel and achieve his goals has led him to stand out from the crowd. He was awarded the Best Trainee Award during the SPF Graduation Parade on 16 April 2022. The Award is one of SPF’s most prestigious awards, which is given out to deserving and hardworking trainees at the end of their Police Officer Basic Training Course (POBC).

“It brings me great honour to receive this award. Being able to receive this award certainly feels rewarding and encourages me to continue working hard until I reach my end goal,” said Qabeel.

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