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Shuttlers Got(ten) Titles

Papago Badminton Carnival 2022

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Bryant Low Sze Hong
Badminton Academy, Secondary 1

Once again, Singapore Sports School dedicated the badminton hall for the Papago Badminton Carnival 2022 from 13 to 20 March. This exciting event had attracted many badminton enthusiasts. Student-athletes from various levels participated in this event and had opportunities to spar with calibre badminton players.

Such opportunities put our knowledge and skills in badminton to the test and enabled us to see how much we have progressed in the past first school term. With structured and vigorous training with our very own badminton coaches, it was joyful to know that our efforts paid off as many student-athletes achieved commendable results in this event.

Sports School’s shuttlers competed in 16 categories and managed to win 10 titles. Overall, Sports School managed to clinch 10 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze. Megan Lee and Johann Prajogo were the only two student-athlete to win two titles each. Megan won the Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles; and Johann won the Men’s Doubles event and the Mixed Doubles event.

I participated in the Boys’ Singles Under 15 and Boys’ Doubles Under 15 for this event. Playing with boys who were a year older and bigger in terms of build and strength made me feel nervous but I was determined to play well. When I saw my name being registered under the “NIS-SSP” (National Intermediate Squad-Singapore Sports School), I felt that I needed to play my matches responsibly as it was a recognition for me to be part of Sports School.

Even though I was ousted in the first round of Boys’ Singles Under 15 which was disappointing, I learnt a lot from this match. Coaches who observed my match gave me many valuable pointers that would help in my future tournaments. It came as a surprise for me to win a joint-third placing for the Boys’ Doubles Under 15. For this event, I was determined to play well with my doubles partner, Pranav Madhaik, remembering the pointers and advice from the coaches.

I was also impressed by senior student-athletes who competed tirelessly for their matches. It was an eye-opener whenever I had a chance to take some glances at how they performed during their matches in the badminton hall. Their determination had spurred me to set new goals for myself. I definitely have learnt a lot from this experience, as I am more aware of the importance of communicating with my coaches and picking up their advice and pointers, and then putting them into practice during the training sessions.

Papago Carnival 2022 (13-20 March 2022)

U15 Boys’ Singles
2nd – Tee Kai Ze
Joint-3rd – Tan Wei Da

U17 Boys’ Singles
1st – Nicholas Kat Zi Shun
2nd – Chua Min Han

U17 Girls’ Singles
2nd – Heng Xiao En

U19 Boys’ Singles
1st – Marcus Phil Lau Jun Hui
2nd – Chua Min Han
Joint-3rd – Remus Ng (Huang Anrui)

U19 Girls’ Singles
Joint-3rd – Lai Yi Ting

Men’s Singles
1st – Lim Ming Hong
2nd – Marcus Phil Lau Jun Hui
Joint-3rd – Ho Yu Feng Julian

Women’s Singles
1st – Megan Lee Xinyi

U15 Boys’ Doubles
2nd – Tai Jong Waa and Tee Kai Ze
Joint-3rd – Bryant Low Sze Hong and Pranav Madhaik, Blairdimir Herbert

U15 Girls’ Doubles
Joint-3rd – Loh Ying Fang and Sherayne Ong Xuan En

U17 Boys’ Doubles
1st – Mark Wong Kai Ji and Nge Joo Jin
2nd – Nicholas Kat Zi Shun and Timothy Eng Tiam Meng

U17 Girls’ Doubles
1st – Chia Xin Ying and Heng Xiao En

U19 Boys’ Doubles
1st – Ahmat Khair and Remus Ng (Huang Anrui)
2nd – Safin Bin Noor Azalan

Men’s Doubles
1st – Johann Prajogo and Nge Joo Jie
2nd – Ho Yu Feng Julian and Xadrian Tay Kun Yong
3rd – Justyn Sim

Women’s Doubles
1st – Lai Yi Ting and Megan Lee Xinyi
2nd – Lee Ying Shin Alexis and Sabrina Lee Jing Yi
Joint 3rd – Lim Su Qi

Mixed Doubles
1st – Sabrina Lee Jing Yi and Johann Prajogo
Joint 3rd – Lim Su Qi and Torance Jng Yao Chee

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