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Bowlers Standout Performance

National Age Group 2022 (Bowling)

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Olivier Brassard Khoo and Shannen Ong Yuan Lin
Both Secondary 3

Our Singapore Sports School bowlers took part in the National Age Group (NAG) 2022 during the March holidays from the 12 to 20 March 2022 at Temasek Club @RifleRangeRoad. The atmosphere at this competition was actually exhilarating and exciting as there were many people striking continuously left and right. The competition had cross lanes, thus one lane differed from the other and we had to find a way to adapt to it. The scores of everyone were all quite close to one another, but our bowlers persevered on till the end.

In total, past and present student-athletes clinched a total of 40 medals, including 11 golds in U16 to U26 events.

The girls swept medals of all colours in two events - U16 Masters and U21 Singles. Ashley Victoria Lok (Secondary 4) and Nur Irdina Hazly (Secondary 3) won medals in every U16 event they participated in, and the Girls U21 Masters event. Shirlene Wong (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 1) contributed to the U26 Girls Doubles and U26 Girls Team gold-medal finish.

Among the boys, Olivier Brassard Khoo (Secondary 3) won 1st in the U26 Boys Singles event. Also, the U21 Doubles pair Owen Wong (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 3) and Leroy Kwek (IBDP Year 5) finished at the top of the table. The U16 team - Andre Chew, Rayden Lim, Mathieu Louis (all Secondary 3) & Darius Huang (Secondary 4)- and the U26 team. Lim Ding Xi (Diploma in Business, Year 1), Sean Loh Jinheng (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 3) and Bryan Yee Zing Yen (Alumnus) - won the title for the team events.

Ashley Victoria Lok (Secondary 4), who hit a perfect game of 300 during her U16 Singles event, shared, “I was really not expecting to get the 300 game. Honestly, I was not keeping track of the number of strikes I was getting but rather making sure that I was making every shot count. Eventually, I think I just got the flow right and the strikes just kept coming. During the last frame, I was feeling the jitters not only because of the scores but because of the crowd that was forming behind me. I am extremely grateful for my coaches, who were standing by my side throughout the event and calming me down when I got too nervous. I managed to stay focused and I honestly still can't believe I’ve reached that milestone.”

Indeed, it was an exciting March holiday. We, as Sports School student-athletes, need to do our very best in every competition, and it was clearly shown at the NAG 2022.

Well done to all bowlers!

“The experience from this competition was unique compared to previous competitions, with vastly different patterns over different age categories which provide a unique experience for each category. I also got an opportunity to try out the US Open pattern, which is a completely different experience compared to the usual pattern as it required very good accuracy and consistency to bowl well. The U16 category was one of the most interesting categories, as the participants were doing very well and the standard was set very high, requiring intense focus during every shot which led to a very interesting and tense competition overall. During masters, there was a lot of stress as the scores entering it were very close, but even with an injury, I persevered and finished the competition.” - Olivier Brassard Khoo

“Though I did not win anything in this competition, the feeling of an improvement from the previous competition made me feel happy. My performance throughout the entire competition was better than I expected and I hope to continue this form.” - Shannen Ong Yuan Lin

National Age Group 2022 (12-20 March 2022)

Boys U16 Singles
2nd – Rayden Lim Yisheng
3rd – Brian Ngoi Kai Ren

Boys U16 Doubles
2nd– Mark Leong Yew Chen & Joshua Gaza Soo Chak Kuen

Boys U16 Team
1st – Andre Chew Leong Joon, Rayden Lim Yisheng, Mathieu Louis & Darius Huang Weixiang
3rd – Mark Leong Yew Chen, Joshua Gaza Soo Chak Kuen, Brian Ngoi Kai Ren & Ryan Goi Chee Hean

Girls U16 Singles
1st – Ashley Victoria Lok
2nd – Nur Irdina Hazly

Girls U16 Doubles
2nd – Nur Irdina Hazly & Hazel Tan Wei Ning
3rd – Ashley Victoria Lok & Lim Shi En

Girls U16 Team
2nd – Nur Irdina Hazly, Ashley Victoria Lok, Hazel Tan Wei Ning & Lim Shi En

Girls U16 Masters
1st – Nur Irdina Bte Hazly
2nd – Ashley Victoria Lok
3rd – Hazel Tan Wei Ning

Boys U18 Team
2nd – Heng Jun Rui (Alumnus) & Ethan Tan (Alumnus)

Girls U18 Team
3rd – Mandy Koh Mun Leng, Jerlyn Lam Si Ting, Shirlene Wong Xue Lin & Kylie Neo Jiaxin (Alumna)

Girls U18 Masters
1st – Mandy Koh Mun Leng

Boys U21 Singles
2nd – Irfan Hamed (Alumnus)

Boys U21 Doubles
1st – Owen Wong Wen Fei, Leroy Kwek Peng Suan

Boys U21 Team
2nd – Amos Lim (Alumnus), Russell Lee, Bryen Yee (Alumnus)
3rd – Heng Jun Rui (Alumnus)

Boys U21 Masters
3rd – Leroy Kwek Peng Suan

Girls U21 Singles
1st – Nur Irdina Hazly
2nd – Ashley Victoria Lok
3rd – Lim Shi En

Girls U21 Doubles
2nd – Mandy Koh Mun Leng
Girls U21 Team:
2nd – Lim Shi En, Ashley Victoria Lok, Nur Irdina Hazly & Hazel Tan Wei Ning
3rd – Mandy Koh Mun Leng

Girls U21 Masters
1st – Ashley Victoria Lok
2nd – Nur Irdina Hazly

U26 Girls Doubles
1st - Shirlene Wong
2nd – Colleen Pee (Alumna) & Quek Lu Yi
3rd - Dang Thanh Lu (Alumna)

U26 Girls Team
1st - Shirlene Wong
2nd - Quek Lu Yi, Althea Dang Thanh Ly, (Alumna) & Colleen Pee (Alumna)

U26 Boys Singles
1st - Olivier Brassard Khoo
2nd - Sean Loh Jinheng

U26 Boys Doubles
2nd - John Yong Ming Faragalla (Alumnus) & - Joshua Gaza Soo Chalk Kuen
3rd - Brian Ngoi Kai Ren & Olivier Brassard Khoo

U26 Boys Team
1st - Lim Ding Xi, Sean Loh Jinheng & Bryan Yee Zing Yen (Alumnus)
3rd- Olivier Brassard Khoo, Brian Ngoi Kai Ren, Joshua Gaza Soo Chak Kuen, John Yong Ming Faragalla

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