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Giving Back To Community During Covid-19


What makes a champion? To us, being a champion goes beyond just sport. As much as developing sport talents is at the core of what we do, it is just as important for us to nurture good citizens with positive values and life skills to be successful in life. Being a Champion For Others is just as celebrated by the school as it reflects positive character attributes and values that we aim to imbue in every student-athlete. The school’s integrated curriculum includes student development programmes that intend to broaden perspectives, and help student-athletes look beyond themselves to develop care for the community and the environment.

Despite creating an air of uncertainty and anxiety, the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has brought out the good side of Singaporeans, including our student-athletes and alumni. As a school that advocates being a Champion For Others, the good deeds and acts of service displayed by past and present student-athletes to show their support during this challenging healthcare crisis has been heartening. They have championed good causes, and stepped forward to a make a difference to those who have been battling COVID-19 on a daily basis.

Shooting Forth Appreciation
The Shooting Academy won the team ROAR Award in February 2020 for writing notes of appreciation and preparing care packs containing wet wipes and medicated plasters for the school’s support staff including cleaners, catering staff and security guards. They felt the support staff deserved appreciation and encouragement for working extra hard to ensure that the school remains a safe environment for student-athletes to study, live and play.

Secondary 2 shooter Siti Hasliza Sugimin said: “We were glad to show our appreciation for the staff in our school! The cleaners are always cleaning our classrooms and disinfecting them to prevent us from falling sick or catching any viruses; the security guards carefully screen visitors entering the campus throughout the day; and staff in The Arena ensure that we enjoy nutritious food in a clean environment. We just wanted to say thank you.” IBDP’s Year 6's Ross Lee Yu Bin who led the project shared: “Many staff have put in extra effort to keep the school clean and safe for us. Even though it was a small gesture, it gave us a chance to show that we appreciate their effort.”

Athletes With Voices
Alumni who have made their mark as national athletes have rose to the occasion to lend a helping hand to worthy causes, and show their appreciation to frontline workers. They have rallied together as Team Nila, a sport volunteerism group that aims to give back to the society. Tennis player Muhammad Shaheed Alam Meqsud Alam, and pencak silat exponents Nurul Suhaila Mohamed Saiful and Sheik Ferdous Sheik Alau’ddin distributed masks to households at designed spots. Squash player Au Yeong Wai Yhann and Suhaila gave out Team Nila plushies and Udders ice cream to Singapore Civil Defence Officers to appreciate their hard work in keeping the nation safe. Post-secondary student-athlete Siti Khadijah Mohamad Shahrem, alumnae Debbie Soh Li Fei, Miya Yong Hsing, Goi Rui Xuan and New Hui Fen met Singapore General Hospital’s frontline medical staff to show their gratitude and encourage them to continue fighting COVID-19.

National bowlers, including alumnae Daphne Tan Shi Jing and Hui Fen, were part #OpsHandsOn, a ground-up initiative that rallied about 50 athletes and officials from the Singapore Bowling Federation to pack care packs and face masks. Together with Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Ministry of Communications and Information, they also went door-to-door to distribute the packs to senior citizens in Toh Yi and Clementi.

Making A Difference To Others
Though our student-athletes and alumni have done simple acts to show their support, it has made a big difference. As role models to youths, their voluntary time and effort in doing good has also inspired others to do their part for the society. Their kindness and compassion goes a long way.

Let’s continue to fight on, and be #SGUnited!