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Mini Meet For Budding Champs

2019 Singapore Sports School-Singapore Athletics Primary Schools Track and Field Invitational Meet

By Jenny Lim
Senior General Manager, Track and Field Academy

Singapore Sports School’s annual Track and Field invitational meet on 23 February 2019 was more than just a sport meet for budding primary school athletes. For the first time in 11 years, the Singapore Sports School-Singapore Athletics Track and Field Primary School Invitational Meet was compressed to a half-day event in view of the SPH Schools Relay Championships – which student-athlete helpers were to compete in – in the afternoon.

The morning events were customised for young athletes at the primary school level. Such that they were child-friendly and age-appropriate, and they competed with child-appropriate equipment and event regulations. For example, the High Jump was introduced to Primary 4 competitors this year but they were only allowed to use the scissor kick technique instead of the more common Fosbury Flop.

In an effort to promote Character Development, the meet also featured the Sportsmanship Award. An award was given to participants who demonstrated good sportsmanship behaviour during the meet, exhibiting values of Respect, Responsibility, Discipline, Reliability, Integrity, Kindness, Moral Courage and Good Judgement. One pupil from each participating school that best exhibits good sportsmanship traits and is a good role model to his peers received the Sportsmanship Award. In doing so, Sports School hopes that the young athletes continue to exemplify sportsmanship behaviour and uphold the Olympic values of friendship, excellence and integrity.

Mr Syed Abdul Malik Aljunied, Singapore Athletic Association’s Vice President for Training and Selection, was the meet’s Guest-of-Honour. He presented the prizes to the respective prize winners.

Singapore Sports School Track and Field Academy thanks Singapore Athletic Association and affiliated officials, as well as our parent volunteers and sponsors, for their support in this event.