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Towards A Shared Future

Institute of Policy (IPS) 35th Anniversary Conference

Written By

Angela Li Yu Qing
Track and Field Academy, IBDP Year 5

Organised by Ministry of Education and held at Nanyang Technological University, the theme for this year’s Pre-University Seminar is ‘Towards Our Shared Future:SG75’.

Six of us participated in the Seminar namely Lucas Fun Le Cong, Nikita Mae Jingyu Meyers, Angela Li Yu Qing, Audrey Koh Shun Yi, Leow Pei Hann (all IBDP, Year 5), Leroy Lock, Felicia Leong, Wong Xuan Yi, Huang Wei Jun and Laavinia Jaiganth (all Diploma in Business Studies, Year 1).

Participants had the opportunity to attend interviews, panel discussions and dialogue sessions with experts and our distinguished ministers. Through rich discussions and interactions with people of diverse backgrounds, participants were able to glean insights into a range of issues, policies, and perspectives, enabling them to envision and co-create our shared future together.

The Seminar allowed us to gain a greater understanding of the prevailing contexts and driving forces that will shape Singapore's future. We sharpened our minds, gained new perspectives, and received the opportunity to collaborate with students from established institutes all over Singapore. The knowledge and experience acquired from this seminar is profound and I believe we will hold this experience dear to our hearts as we continuously strive to make a difference in the community amidst the complexities of our society.

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