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Striking Success

53rd Singapore International Open, Malaysia Open

53rd Singapore International Open

Over the two-week 53rd Singapore International Open held from 27 May to 10 June 2023, Felicia Leong Yong Mei, Lim Shi En, Andre Chew Leong Joon, Rayden Lim Yi Sheng and Shirlene Wong Xue Lin spared no sweat and bowled their hearts out. This was not just any average Saturday bowling alley chill and bowl session as they were facing international competitors from 14 countries.

Rayden, a rising star in the Under-16 category, delivered a phenomenal performance. He advanced to the Under-16 Boys Stepladder after displaying his precisive shots and unwavering focus in the Under-16 Boys Masters with 1,679 pinfalls, beating out his opponent by a whooping 72 pinfalls. He earned an impressive 2nd place in the fiercely- contested stepladder finals, only getting edged out of the 1st place by 84 pinfalls.

From then on, the bowler's winning streak was seemingly unstoppable. In a captivating display of expertise, Felicia dominated the Under-18 Girls' Stepladder event, clinching the coveted 1st place. Not wanting to be left behind, Shi En’s dedication and tenacity paid off as she emerged as the champion in the Youth Girl’s Division. Andre proved his mettle in the Men’s Graded ‘A’ Division and was triumphant over his opponents, securing the gold medal.

Shirlene wrapped up the competition gracefully with a commendable silver in the Women’s Open Division Stepladder event.


U16 Boys’ Stepladder
2nd – Rayden Lim YiSheng

U18 Girls’ Stepladder
1st – Felicia Leong Yong Mei

Youth Girls’ Division
1st – Lim Shi En

Men's Graded ‘A’ Division
1st – Andre Chew Leong Joon

Women's Open Division Stepladder
2nd – Shirlene Wong Xue Lin

Malaysian International Open

With precision and finesse, Nur Irdina Hazly’s skilled delivery, combined with a calculated approach to each turn, won her the silver medal in the Malaysian International Open Youth Masters Finals category. Similarly, alumna Colleen Pee took the 2nd spot in the podium in the Women’s stepladder finals after being edged out by Malaysia’s Lavinia Kho. The competition was held from 24 May to 3 June.

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