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Swimmers Deliver 9 Medals and 136 Personal Bests

17th Singapore National Swimming Championships 2022

From 23 to 26 June 2022, Singapore Sports School’s pushed their limits and showcased their best at 17th Singapore Swimming Championship 2022. They had to challenge the best local and overseas swimmers from clubs and federations in a live crowd. The adrenaline-pumping action and excitement pushed swimmers to set new benchmarks. A total of 136 personal best timings were recorded and 9 podium finishes – 1 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze – were achieved during the four-day meet.

Singapore Sports School’s gold medal came from Secondary 2 student-athlete Vivienne Chew En. After clocking two personal best timings on the first day of the competition, Vivienne had a more eventful second day at the meet when she raced ahead of the rest. She touched the wall first in the Women’s 400m Individual Medley in her best timing of 5:11.79. Her senior, Carol Rachmadi, a first-year Diploma in Business Studies course student-athlete, finished 3rd in the same event. Vivienne recorded a total of four personal best timings throughout the meet.

Other outstanding performers were Brandon Yap Yan Xi (Secondary 4) and Mitchell Ang Li (Extended IBDP) who clinched 2 medals each – a silver and a bronze. Brandon fetched silver for Men’s 200m Fly and a bronze for 400m Freestyle after finishing closely after Jerald Lium (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 2). Brandon also cracked new timings in three other events. Freestyle expert Mitchell Ang Li, who just returned from his first SEA Games outing a month ago, claimed a silver and bronze in Men’s 100m and 200m Freestyle events.

Lim Wan Ting (Secondary 4) stood on the podium with a silver medal for Women’s 1500m Freestyle, clocking 18:36.06s. Stephanie Clarissa Kwa (IBDP Year 5) also finished as a medallist after coming in 3rd for the Women’s 200m Fly. During the meet, the two excellent swimmers also achieved one Personal Best timing each.


Women's 200m Fly
Bronze – Stephanie Clarissa Kwa

Women's 1500m Freestyle
Silver – Lim Wan Ting

Women's 400m Individual Medley
Gold – Vivienne Chew En
Bronze – Carol Rachmadi

Men's 200m Fly
Silver – Brandon Yap Yan Xi

Men's 100m Freestyle
Silver – Mitchell Ang Li

Men's 200m Freestyle
Bronze – Mitchell Ang Li

Men's 400m Freestyle
Silver – Jerald Lium
Bronze – Brandon Yap Yan Xi

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