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Swimmers At Their Best In Budapest

19th FINA World Championships 2022

Our past and present swimmers spent the best weeks of their summer in Budapest, where they raced against the world’s best competitors at the 19th FINA World Championships. The two-week event held from 18 June to 3 July 2022 featured five FINA aquatics disciplines – swimming, diving, water polo, artistic swimming and open water swimming. Team Singapore participated in three disciplines – swimming, artistic swimming and open water swimming.

Sports School past and present student-athletes who participated in the competition include breaststroke specialist Maximillian Ang Wei (Extended DSLM) and freestyle specialist Amanda Lim Xiang Qi (Alumna), open water swimming quartet, Artyom Lukasevits (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 2), Candice Ang Ruo Han (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 3), Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi (Extended Diploma in Business Studies) and Chantal Liew Li-Shan (Past student-athlete), as well as artistic swimmers Caitlyn Anne Tan (Secondary 4), Eleanor Quah Yu Wei (IBDP, Year 5), Claire Tan Wen Yen (IBDP, Year 6), Ong Rae-Anne (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 1), Debbie Soh Li Fei and Miya Yong Hsing (both alumnae).

Despite facing a strong pool of competitors, our student-athletes were determined to put up their best performance in their events.

In the swimming events, Maximillian swam ahead of 33 opponents to emerge 27th in the Men’s 100m heats. He also finished in 24th place in the Men’s 200m Breaststroke heats. It is the same event where he won a gold medal, en route to setting a new game record, national record and personal best timing in his recent SEA Games outing in Hanoi. Maximillian also outperformed his 2021 SEA Games timing to finish 26th in the Men’s 200m Individual Medley heats with a timing of 2:02.94s.

Meanwhile, Amanda finished 22nd out of 82 swimmers in the Women’s 50m Freestyle heats in a timing of 25.85s. She was also part of the team that finished 14th in the Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay heats in a timing of 3:54.43s.

The competition for our artistic swimmers was equally exciting and intense. Eleanor, Caitlyn, Claire and Rae-Anne were part of the team who finished 16th in both the Team Free routine and Technical routine with 75.4333 and 74.1444 points respectively. Artistic swimming duet pair Debbie and Miya also displayed grace, strength and excellent water skills to finish 16th in the Duet Technical routine with 78.4116 points.

Out in the open water at Lake Lupa, Artyom, Ritchie and Chantal, teamed up with national swimmer Samantha Yeo in the Mixed 4x1500m.

Overcoming harsh elements and fierce competition, the team eventually finished in 18th place with a timing of 1:12:16.80s.

In the individual events, Artyom and Ritchie also completed the Men’s 5km race in 42nd and 44th place with a timing of 59:43.60s and 59:54.50s respectively, while Chantal and Candice finished the Women’s 5km race in 42nd and 46th place with timing of 1:05:28.80s and 1:07:56.30s respectively.

Pushing themselves further, the open water swimmers marked their last competition in Budapest with the Men’s and Women’s 10km race. On 29 June, they swam the race of their life. In the Men’s 10km event, Artyom and Ritchie finished 43rd and 52nd place with a timing of 2:02:29.20s and 2:08:26.50s, while Chantal, who participated in the Women’s 10km, completed the race in 45th place with a timing of 2:14:09.00s.

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