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Back To School With A Difference

Safe Management Measures

As the doors of Singapore Sports School opened for the first batch of student-athletes after a nearly two-month-long break on 2 June 2020, there was an air of excitement and anxiety. Behind the masks of student-athletes, were their smiles as they finally had the opportunity to step out of their homes and “reunite” with their friends. They were well-aware that school will be far from being the same compared to the last time they had been at school on 7 April 2020, before the start of the circuit breaker.

The usual hustle and buzz was missing in school when Term 3 started as student-athletes will only return progressively. Student-athletes who do not have to physically return to school will continue with home-based learning and training. This is one of the measures taken by all schools as Singapore entered the phase of safe reopening from 2 June 2020 onwards.

Safe management measures have been enhanced to ensure that the school remains a safe and clean environment. Besides having masks-on at all times and twice-daily temperature taking, social distancing has been consciously implemented in every space in school to minimise close interaction and intermingling among student-athletes. Unlike before, student-athletes will have fixed exam-style seating in classrooms, and designated seating for each class at The Arena. Lunch times and dismissal times have also been staggered. Training sessions, too, will be conducted in much smaller groups and are limited to their level of study to reduce potential risks.

The biggest adjustment for most student-athletes is having to get used to a new daily routine as boarding will only be made available to a small group of student-athletes so that social distancing can also be implemented at boarding rooms. Unlike the camaraderie and fun of living with roommates, the “new” boarders will experience staying alone in rooms. To help the non-boarders adjust to the new normal, the school arranged for a shuttle bus service from Woodlands MRT.

The school also continues its high frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and facilities, which has been put in place since January when the COVID-19 pandemic arose. Student-athletes will be constantly reminded to practice good personal hygiene by doing a wipe-down routine in classrooms when they enter and before they leave, after they have finished their meal at The Arena, or any other facilities that they use. The importance of washing their hands will be reiterated to them regularly.

While the school is committed to ensure we have a safe space for work, learn and play, it is also the personal and social responsibility of the whole-of-school community to look out and remind each other on the do-s and don’t-s. Let’s do our part to help Sports School be COVID-free!