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ROARing For Leadership And Sportsmanship

ROAR Award of the Month – May 2023

The values of leadership, sportsmanship, and compassion by two exceptional student-athletes were celebrated on 17 July 2023 as they were presented the ROAR Award of the Month (May 2023).

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Fencer Azfar Luqman Ong earned his ROAR Award for his remarkable contributions during the Fencing Experience, a Values in Action project held in collaboration with North West CDC. Throughout the event, Azfar displayed composure and support, guiding his junior fencers through the initial challenges and technical difficulties they faced. His patience, encouragement, and willingness to go the extra mile to assist his juniors have earned him the admiration and respect of all those who witnessed his efforts.

As a natural leader, Azfar also stepped forward during the session to mentor and teach primary school students the fundamentals of fencing, making their learning experience fun and enjoyable.

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Meanwhile, Mohamad Adam Mohamad Aidil, a multi-sport student-athlete, exhibited exceptional sportsmanship during the Club Zoom's time-based challenge, a 1000m race at the Sports Hub. What could have been just another race turned into a profound demonstration of empathy as he prioritised his teammate's well-being over his personal ambitions. When his teammate faced distress during the race, Adam made a courageous decision to slow down and seek help from nearby officials. Despite finishing last, he completed the race with dignity and excellence, as his selflessness and genuine concern for others have left an indelible impact on his teammate.

Their recognition with the ROAR Award is a well-deserved tribute to their outstanding character, setting a shining example for others to follow.

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