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Rising Stars Shine In ‘C’ Division National School Games

National School Games – Bowling, Netball, Shooting

Our student-athletes in Bowling, Netball and Shooting rose to the challenge and delivered promising results at the ‘C’ Division National School Games.


Our 'C' Division bowlers returned from the 11-day National School Games (NSG), held from 17 to 27 July 2023, with 5 medals. Among the accolades were 2 champion titles in the Boys' Quartet and All Events categories. Their stellar performance at the competition led them to a remarkable second place in the overall school ranking.

During the thrilling Quartet event, four Secondary 2 student-athletes, namely Muhammad Eshan Giovanni Goldhorn, Darius See Zhi Yun, Caedmon Lim, and Kaelan Lim, skilfully showcased their bowling talent. With a remarkable total of 4979 pinfalls, the team secured the top position, firmly cementing their place on the podium.

Caedmon's exceptional contributions to the team's success didn't end there. He shone in other events, earning him the well-deserved champion title in the All Events category.

The other quartet team, consisting of Luke Tan, Lucas Goh Seow Rui, Matthew Quek Chien Ho, and Xandre Teo Yu Hao, did just as well. They clinched the second runner-up position with an impressive 4702 pinfalls.

Earlier in the competition, Luke and Lucas also teamed up in the Doubles event, securing an impressive 3rd place with 2402 pinfalls.

Congratulations to all the student-athletes for their outstanding achievements at the National School Games!


‘C’ Division Boys
3rd – Luke Tan, Lucas Goh Seow Rui
4th – Matthew Quek Chien Ho, Kaelan Lim

1st – Muhammad Eshan Giovanni Goldhorn, Darius See Zhi Yun, Caedmon Lim, Kaelan Lim
3rd – Luke Tan, Lucas Goh Seow Rui, Matthew Quek Chien Ho, Xandre Teo Yu Hao

All Events
1st – Caedmon Lim

Overall School
2nd – Singapore Sports School


On 28 July 2023, our 'C' Division netballers culminated months of hard work and dedication at the National School Games (NSG) with a commendable 4th place. Their journey commenced back in May when they dominated the preliminary rounds with resounding victories in all 5 matches.

Advancing to the intense quarter-finals held in July, the team continued their winning streak, triumphing in 3 out of 4 matches and securing a spot among the final 4 teams to compete in the semi-finals on 24 July.

Despite facing a formidable opponent, the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, in the semi-finals, our team showcased excellent teamwork and resilience, but was defeated.

Undeterred by their semi-finals result, the team continued to put in their best effort in the ultimate match that will decide their final placing. Focused and determined, they put up a strong fight against North Vista Secondary School, but settled for the 4th place.


In a thrilling five-day competition at the ‘C’ Division National School Games (NSG), our Secondary 1 student-athletes made their inaugural appearance at the NSG. Determined and driven, they teamed up with their seasoned Secondary 2 seniors to deliver exceptional performances, clinching a total of 3 individual and 3 team medals in the competition held from 10 to 14 July 2023.

The Air Rifle Women’s team, comprising of budding Secondary 1 talents Bernice Lim Xuanyi and Lim Yet Kee, alongside their experienced Secondary 2 senior, Amelia Noor Hisham, completed the event with an awe-inspiring total score of 1818.7 points. Their dedication and skill brought home the overall champion title. Bernice also put up an impressive performance in the individual event where she settled for a silver medal after narrowly missing the gold medal by a mere 1.1 points.

The Air Rifle Men’s team did just as well, accumulating a total of 1816.8 points in the finals and claiming the well-deserved second place.

Not to be outdone, the Air Pistol’s team demonstrated their marksmanship abilities, with Quek Gek Ling shining brightly in the individual event. With a score of 210.3 points, she stood proudly on the podium, adorned with a remarkable bronze medal.

We celebrate these triumphs with immense pride, and we look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success in future competitions.


Air Rifle Men’s Individual
4th - Lim Hong Rui

Air Rifle Men’s Team
2nd - Gabriel Isaac Ho Bin, Lim Hong Rui, Nicholas Tan Zi Loong, Xuan Ilyas Mohammed Azhar, Jayden Hong Quan Le

Air Rifle Women’s Individual
2nd - Bernice Lim Xuanyi

Air Rifle Women’s Team
1st - Amelia Noor Hisham, Bernice Lim Xuanyi, Lim Yet Kee

Air Pistol Women’s Individual
3rd - Quek Gek Ling

Air Pistol Men’s Team
4th - Ayden Seah Z-We, Estroy Soo Yin Rui, Toh Jun Wei, Corwyn Koh Zheng Xiang, Kaiven Siu Hoi Fung, Isaiah Tang Rui

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