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In Pictures: Sports Exchange with Kochi Prefecture

Sports Exchange with Kochi Prefecture

We had the pleasure of hosting student-athletes and staff from Kochi Prefecture for a sports exchange programme from 24 to 28 July 2023. This yearly sports exchange programme started in 2017 but was halted in 2020 due to the global pandemic. With the situation returning to normalcy, it was timely to resume the meaningful exchange once again.


The student-athletes from Kochi Prefecture started off their time in Sports School by dipping their hands in the art of playing the Kompang. The quick learners picked up the beat and synchronised their music with the help of our student-athletes.


There was also an opportunity to try different sports such as bowling. After a quick brief by our Bowling Academy coaches, it was time to let the pin falls. It was also time to try out different ways of releasing the bowling ball.

Badminton Training.jpg
Table Tennis.jpg

When it was time to train, we can see the intensity that both paddlers and shuttlers brought to their training areas. They trained together with our student-athletes and received tips from our coaches to improve their play.


It was also important to strengthen themselves and what better way to do that than to hit the gym! Our student-athletes and coaches shared several exercises for specific muscle groups that they could do on their own back home.


After intense training sessions, it is important for athletes to know what to eat in order to maximise their growth. Our guests were taught how to prepare nutritious meals in our kitchens under the guidance of Ms Phyllis Thia.

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