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New Batch Of Student Leaders Ready To Step Up

Student Leaders’ Investiture Ceremony 2022

At the Student Leaders’ Investiture Ceremony on 26 July 2022, 141 student-athletes from Secondary 2 to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme were officially inducted as Student Councillors, Boarding Captains, Sports Captains, and Class Representatives, with some of them taking on dual roles.

The Ceremony commenced with a speech by Principal Ong Kim Soon. In his speech, he showed his appreciation for the outgoing student leaders and encouraged the incoming student leaders to take on their new roles with conviction and pride.

The Guest-of-Honour was Ben Lim Chuan En, a Table Tennis alumnus who is the youngest Senior Group Division Director in ERA Realty Network leading a team of 300 associates. He shared his leadership journey and challenges while leading his team. He attributed that self-confidence, motivation, optimism, resilience, competitive spirit, and humility are values that were subconsciously cultivated in him during his time as a student-athlete. These were also values that have brought him far in his career. Through his sharing, he inspired our newly-minted student leaders to lead in their own way.

Samantha Theresa Ortega (Track and Field Academy, IBDP Year 5) was elected to take over the reign from outgoing President Sabrina Lee Jingyi (Badminton Academy, IBDP Year 6), to lead the 15-man strong 19th Student Council Executive Committee.

“Student leaders, I invite you to be willing to lose sight of our shores; our shores of blending in, taking safe roles, and letting others take the initiative to solve the problems of our School. As we embark on this leadership journey together, I hope all of us can have the courage to put ourselves out there and take the initiative to lead and inspire. I believe in you, I believe in us,” said Samantha during her speech at the Ceremony.

The Ceremony culminated with the passing of flame and pledge-taking led by Samantha. The flame passing ceremony symbolises the transition of the leadership team, the passion for their service to the School, and the bonds of friendships with one another.

19th Student Council Executive Committee

Samantha Theresa Ortega (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)

Vice President
Megan Low Wen Qi (Netball, Secondary 4)
Nikita Mae Jing-Yu Meyers (Track and Field, Secondary 4)

Head, School Culture
Eleanor Quah Yu Wei (Artistic Swimming, IBDP Year 5)

Deputy Head, School Culture
Muhammad Danial Ryan Mohamed Redzwan (Track and Field, Secondary 3)
Rayfield Tay Yu Hong (Shooting, Secondary 3)

Head, Student Wellbeing
Janelle Lum Wai Yan (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)

Deputy Head, Student Wellbeing
Au Yong Qing Yong (Shooting, IBDP Year 5)
Stefanie Lee Feiyi (Badminton, Secondary 3

Head, Sports Captain
Remus Ng (Badminton, IBDP Year 5)

Deputy Head, Sports Captain
Bhavika Chandru (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)
Jade Ooi (Bowling, IBDP Year 5)

Head, Boarding Captain
Olivia Sallit (Netball, IBDP Year 5)

Deputy Head, Boarding Captain
Cass Chan Si En (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)
Leroy Kwek Peng Suan (Bowling, IBDP Year 5)

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