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A Win-Win Enriching Experience

Values in Action: Badminton Academy

Written By:
Teo Eng Ker
Badminton Academy, Secondary 3

On 7 July and 21 July 2022, the Badminton Academy organised badminton workshops for 19 APSN Delta Senior School students. During the event, I was exhilarated by the students' enthusiasm and cooperation. Before the event, I had a lot of self-doubts as I was worried that they would not be cooperative and instead would be uninterested in the programme. However, all my doubts faded when I heard laughter and saw smiles on their faces.

My teammate Ming Zhe and I spoke to the coach (Mr Thng) from APSN Delta Senior School to understand the students. We then adjusted the programme according to their skill level to ensure they were engaged. Also, Ms Zalina Ahmad and Ms Heng Peyyng (Literacy teachers, Teachers-in-charge of Badminton CCA) also mentioned that the students were excited as they were doing something different.

The Delta students were more willing to accept feedback as it came from students of the same age, thus bringing a new experience and perspective to badminton. The Delta teachers also mentioned that the students always felt very left out. However this time, they felt inclusiveness and acceptance. With each rally growing longer and longer, the students' self-esteem was boosted.

For the first session, each student-athlete from Secondary 1 to 3 was assigned to take care of one student to give them focused attention. For student-athletes, this was an opportunity to enhance social skills as they had to step out of their comfort zones.

We arranged something more fun for the second session as a warm-up for them. We played catch, which immediately turned the atmosphere up.

In the midst of it all, we split the students into five groups of six and had a mini-game called one touch. Each group will have two student-athletes to help and clear students' queries along the way. The game helped to bond them together as it requires teamwork.

At the end of the programme, it was bitter-sweet to say goodbye to our newly-made friends. However, I believe the workshop was a great success as we saw the students enjoying themselves. Furthermore, our team put our best effort into making the programme work, which was also reciprocated by the students, who listened cooperatively. Thus, I am glad that my team and the students ended the workshop happily.

Ms Zalina said, "Students were excited to be doing something different, instead of the normal training session; it was another platform for them to learn and to be with peers of the same age group. It is also a chance for them to gauge their badminton skills by playing with students from mainstream school, instead of SPED school. The students thoroughly loved and enjoyed themselves. It was indeed an enrichment experience for the team."

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