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Blazing The Trail, Uncovering Possibilities!

2023 Sports School Orientation Camp

Written By
Rayfield Tay Yu Hong
Secondary 4, Shooting Academy

The easing of COVID 19 safe management measures presented our Student Councillors the opportunity to organise a huge welcome event for the incoming Secondary 1 student-athletes. The Sports School Orientation Camp (SSOC) 2023 was organised from 2 to 6 January 2023 and was led by Secondary 1 Head Of Year (HOY), Mr Desmond Tan, as well as the 44 Student Councillors.

14 Student Leaders who attended a Youth Student Leader Camp from 1 to 5 November last year contributed many interesting ideas and concepts. These led to an exciting, well-organised and a memorable SSOC for the new student-athletes.

There were many highlights spread across the five days of SSOC. Junior and senior student-athletes got to know each other better through ice-breaker games. They also had an opportunity to try other sports during the Multi-Sport Experience.

One activity that was absolutely new to us was “Knowing Your Neighbourhood Amazing Race”. In this activity, a few of our Student Councillors set up games at different locations within our Woodlands neighbourhood. The aim of this activity was to allow the Secondary 1s to not only have fun and enjoy themselves, but to also familiarise themselves with the vicinity around Sports School. It was wonderful exploring the neighbourhood with the Secondary 1 student-athletes and going through the activities with them.

We capped off the immersive five-day experience with the Induction Ceremony. All student-athletes put on their dancing shoes and enthusiastically performed the school dance to a song called “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. All in all, they enjoyed dancing to the infectious tune and had a whale of a time together on stage.

The smiles on everyone’s faces lightened up my mood. It was a clear indication that everyone enjoyed themselves and the bond we have made will be made stronger as we grow into sportsmen and sportswomen in the future. Through this SSOC, the student-athletes forged camaraderie, teamwork and resilience. It also enabled the Student Councillors to hone their leadership skills and build confidence in organising and leading a camp.

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