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Student-Athletes Bag Writing Awards

SPH Chinese Newspaper Article Writing Competition

When Clarissa Lee Qian Ying (Secondary 3) and her teammates were tasked to work on an article submission for the SPH Chinese Newspaper Article Writing Competition, it took them almost two months to complete it. They chose to write about dementia, a topic that is unique and personal to the team members.

“In one of our after-school conversations, we were sharing about our experiences of having to chip in and help take care of a dementia patient, and that is when the thought of making this our topic came to my mind,” shared Clarissa.

The team eventually decided on the topic as it is stigmatised and not many people are willing to talk about it openly. It is also not a topic that many people will write about. “By writing on this topic, I hope to give a form of support for people who are facing the same problem. At the same time, it is also a way for me to express my thoughts, which I could never say out loud,” said Clarissa

Despite the long process of writing, editing and designing, as well as having to sacrifice their free time and burning the midnight oil occasionally to finish up the article, their efforts are worthwhile. The team, consisting of four other members – Stefanie Lee Feiyi, Teo Eng Ker, Chloe Lai Neng Huen and Chia Xin Ying (all Secondary 3), won the second prize as well as the “Best Theme” Award.

Having to come up with an article from scratch was a difficult task for us. However, my teacher helped us along the way. Overall, I am happy that I was given this opportunity to participate in the competition. Winning this competition is a bonus as the feeling of getting an acknowledgement of your hard work is amazing and rewarding,” said a surprised Clarissa who did not expect the team to win the competition.

Beyond winning an award, the experience from the competition has also given Clarrisa more confidence in essay writing, and it piqued her interest in exploring a future career option as an editor and a writer.

The other team who participated in the competition had also won a Commendation Award. The Secondary 3 team that consisted of Lau Reina, Jayden Tan Kai Yang, Josiah Wei Kai Liang, Rinnah Lau Ee Joy and Yang Ze Yi, wrote about their Sports School boarding experience.

“I feel very proud and thankful for this precious opportunity and it is really an honour to receive the Commendation Award. I enjoyed the process very much and I am thankful to everyone that helped along the way. It is a valuable experience despite having a hard time finding time together as a team to complete this project due to our packed training and studying schedule. This award made me have a deeper interest in Chinese Language and I believe I will do better in the subject in the future,” said Ze Yi.

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