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Sports Bites

Golf, Rollersports, Sport Climbing, Swimming

Golf: Australian Master of the Amateurs, The Singapore International, SMBC Singapore Open

Photo: Singapore Golf Association

Sports School golfers teed off the year with a flurry of golf action in Australia and Singapore. Inez Ng Xin Yi (alumna) and Jaymie Ng Wan Xin (IBDP, Year 5) went up against top amateur golfers from Australia and Japan at the Australian Master of the Amateurs. Both acclimatised and improved gradually through the competition held at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club from 11 to 14 January 2022. Inez carded a 25 over par 313 (80, 79, 79, 75) to tie for 16th position, finishing as the top Singaporean, while Jaymie carded rounds of 83, 83 and 78 to miss the cut by the slimmest of margins.

Back home, Justin Kuk Zheng Zhong (Extended Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management) and Nathen Tan En Quan (Diploma in Business, Year 2) participated in The Singapore International from 13 to 16 January. Both also participated in the SMBC Singapore Open from 20 to 23 January with Brandon Han Zhen Guang (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 3).

Rollersports: Asian Games Selection

Text by Mr Ng Kok Wei (Senior General Manager, Individual Programme)

The Singapore Rollersports Federation organised an Inline Freestyle Workshop from 30 December 2021 to 8 January 2022 to equip participants with skills and knowledge on technical development and best practices required to advance in their world rankings. Incorporated in the workshop were the first trials for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, where this sport is making its debut. The workshop was conducted by Korea’s Mr Yu Jin Seong, a former Korean national champion and Top 3 skater in world rankings.

Keenan Brunkard (Secondary 2) participated in the workshop for two disciplines – Freestyle Speed Slalom and Freestyle Classic which involves an artistic routine. He registered the best timing of 4.87s in the Freestyle Speed Slalom, a rollersport that requires competitors to skate at their fastest speed on one foot, through a 28m course with a line of 20 cones placed 80cm apart. Results for the Freestyle Classic event and the selection of the National Squad will be released at a later date.

Sport Climbing: SMU Gravical 2022

Text by Mr Ng Kok Wei (Senior General Manager, Individual Programme)

Competing in the top tier Open Category, Natalie Goh Si Hui (Secondary 3) experienced her first competition after 24 months at the SMU Gravical 2022 held from 13 to 16 January. She qualified for the semi-finals (top 15) after placing an impressive 3rd position in the first round, making 5 tops in 9 attempts and 5 zones in 6 attempts. By far the youngest among the competitors and up against national senior representatives who regularly compete at major games, Natalie valiantly notched 1 top and 3 zones in 1 and 4 attempts respectively, placing 9th in the process. With a steady resumption of climbing competitions, Natalie looks forward to more competitions buoyed by this credible start to the year.

Swimming: SSA January Swim Series 2022

Photo: Singapore Swimming Association

34 Sports School swimmers leapt into competitive action at the SSA January Swim Series 2022. Over the 2-day competition at the OCBC Aquatic Centre from 22 to 23 January, our swimmers scored a total of 23 personal best timings.

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