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ROAR Of Applause For Good Character

ROAR Award of the Month – (November/December 2021)

An act of kindness goes a long way in making a difference to others. Swimmers Vivienne Chew En (Secondary 2) and Koh Kai Lin (Secondary 3) did just that when they saw a then-Primary 6 student who had torn her swimming suit at the holding area just before a competition. The student panicked and was worried that she would miss her race if she had to change. Seeing the horror on her face, both Vivienne and Kai Lin went up to the student to calm her down, and informed the referee of the incident while the Primary 6-er changed into her spare suit. The student eventually managed to swim with peace of mind.

“When I saw her torn suit, I didn't really know what to do at that moment because I wasn't sure if she still had time to change into her spare suit. But I felt bad for her as she was on the verge of tears, and no one had come forward to help her. I felt very relieved and happy to have helped her because without someone to help her, I have no idea what would happen,” shared Vivienne.

Kai Lin who had helped to inform the referee was equally relieved and happy that she was able to help. She said: “We have always been taught to help one another in School whenever one needs help. It was a natural instinct for us to lend a helping hand.”

For their act of care and concern towards a younger swimmer, they were commended with the ROAR Award of the month on 13 January 2022, an award that recognises exemplary student-athlete who exhibits the values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience.

The other student-athlete who had also received the award is netballer Megan Low Wen Qi (Secondary 4). Megan displayed professionalism and excellence in the organisation of the Netball Training Camp for the Lower Secondary students. She impressed on others by sharing with her juniors on developing a Growth Mindset. Megan also went the extra mile to read more about the topic, prepared materials, and came up with examples to reinforce the concept. On receiving this award, Megan said: “I did not expect to receive this award because it was just a small gesture that I did for my juniors. Through the preparation I did for the workshop, I was also able to learn new things that changed me. This award will motivate me to become a better senior, better friend and better leader to those around me.”

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