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Having A Ball At Netball Carnival

2019 Singapore Sports School Primary School Netball Invitational Carnival

By Christy Ng Kai Xi
Netball Academy, Secondary 4

14 schools, 18 teams, 216 players. Three teams were crowned champions in the Champion, Warrior and Ninja categories at the 2019 Singapore Sports School Primary School Netball Invitational Carnival on 5 January 2019.

The competition was contested in a Round Robin format before teams were divided into three categories: Champion, Warrior and Ninja. St. Margaret’s Primary School 2, Dazhong Primary School and Northland Primary School 1 emerged winners in the respective categories. Due to inclement weather, a penalty shoot-out between Dazhong and Tanjong Katong Primary School in the Warrior category was staged, which saw Dazhong eventually lift the trophy.

Netball Academy student-athletes had the opportunity to organise the tournament for Primary 5 and 6 pupils as referees, line judges, take on administrative roles, and tend to fringe games stations that tested motor skills and abilities relevant to the sport. Our parents also chipped in to help, providing guided school tours to interested participants and parents.

The Carnival identifies budding netballers with potential to join Sports School's NetSSPlay, a development programme to improve their skills and ability.

Champion Category
1st – St. Margaret's Primary School 2
2nd – CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace
3rd – St. Margaret's Primary School 1
4th – Marymount Convent School

Warrior Category
1st – Dazhong Primary School
2nd – Tanjong Katong Primary School

Ninja Category
1st – Northland Primary School 1
2nd – South View Primary School 1