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In Pictures: Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day

Have you ever experienced a power outage when you were in school? What do you do? Do you still go for your classes and how can you learn without electricity powering your devices?

To commemorate Total Defence Day this year and enhance our preparedness for potential disruptions, our student-athletes and staff went through an energy disruption exercise on the morning of 15 February 2024. They experienced what it was like to go through a period without electricity – with some even resorting to having their lessons outdoors. The lack of wind generated by fans caused a little bit of discomfort, but the student-athletes were reminded that the situation they were experiencing were being experienced daily by other students in conflict regions. Unable to use laptops and electronic devices, teachers went back to the use of conventional writing materials such as paper and pens instead.

Our IBDP student-athletes also visited Clementi Camp, where they witnessed the Total Defence Day parade and checked out some of the technology and equipment used by the Singapore Armed Forces.

SSP_School_Total Defence Day-1.jpg
Starting the morning assembly in the dark.

SSP_School_Total Defence Day-2.jpg
SSP_School_Total Defence Day-3.jpg
It was lessons beyond classroom walls for our teachers and student-athletes as they underwent the energy disruption exercise.

SSP_School_Total Defence Day-5.jpg
SSP_School_Total Defence Day-4.jpg
No screens, no problem. Back to the drawing and writing phase for lessons.

Checking out some cool army gear at Clementi Camp.

SSP_School_Total Defence Day-11.jpg
Our IBDP student-athletes get a taste of what it is like to be part of a military parade.

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