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Raising Champions Through Holistic Education

Theme Feature: Holistic Development at Singapore Sports School

Since 2004, Sports School has been carrying the dreams of its student-athletes. It is the only athlete-friendly education institution in Singapore with a student-athlete’s education experience centred around sports. In fact, Sports School has been accredited as an Athlete-Friendly Education Centre by the World Academy of Sport as it has been equally committed to providing opportunities for student-athletes to achieve their sport and academic goals.

As much as Sports School's desire to produce the next generation of sport champions, the ultimate goal of the School is to produce role models. Student-athletes gain a holistic education experience that educates and enriches them as a whole, rather than only focussing on the pursuit towards winning medals. Besides their sporting potential, the School enhances student-athletes’ emotional, social and intellectual potential and focuses on character-building and instilling life skills to give student-athletes a good headway to be successful in the sporting arena, or their chosen fields.

Sport Excellence
As a key player in the youth sport eco-system, Sports School’s sports programmes are underpinned by the Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). Sports School believes that the athlete-centred, coach-driven and sport science-supported approach in a LTAD model will help develop a lifelong involvement of student-athletes in physical activity and sport participation, and produce future champions. The nine sport academies and individual programme sports use the framework to plan optimal training, and competition and recovery schedule for student-athletes to achieve their full athletic potential.

As a result, it has produced 16 Olympians and several other medallists at major Games and World Championships. Last year, eight past and present student-athletes achieved their sporting dreams by representing Singapore at the 2021 Olympic Games. In December, alumnus Loh Kean Yew, an Olympian, became the first Singaporean to become a Badminton World Champion. With his series of recent wins, he is currently placed No.9 in the world rankings. He is also part of the team that won a historic bronze medal at the Badminton Asia Team Championships. Most of the Men’s Team comprised past and present student-athletes from the Badminton Academy. (Read more here)

Academic Excellence
Despite a rigorous training regime and sport commitments, student-athletes can excel in their studies as the School’s academic programmes are catered for student-athletes. Sports School has three through-train pathways that enable student-athletes to bypass major examinations at the end of their secondary education and move on to a post-secondary programme that leads to a certificate. Student-athletes can take up the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) or a business-related Diploma Programme offered in collaboration with either Ngee Ann Polytechnic or Republic Polytechnic. The strong academic support has enabled student-athletes to thrive in their studies. Small group classes, academic make-up classes, the flexible academic structure that allow deferment or exemption of modules, and mentorship by staff, enable student-athletes to cope with their studies effectively.

The School has produced an excellent track record of outstanding academic results. Recently, Sports School achieved its best IBDP result yet, with about 83% of the 2021 graduating cohort achieving 40 points or more. About 65% of them are in the National Youth Squad or National Team for their sport. National wushu exponent Kimberly Ong Li Ling is one of the recent graduands from the IBDP who achieved a perfect score. She transferred from a mainstream school in Secondary 4 to enjoy the School’s athlete-friendly support - a decision which has worked out well for her. (Read more here) Swimmer Candice Ang Ruo Han, who took up the through-train Diploma in Business Studies course, firmly believes that the unique structure of her polytechnic programme offered within Sports School and the strong support system, has enabled her to achieve good results in the water and her studies. (Read more here)

Holistic Development
For student-athletes to make an impact in their sporting field or other careers, their life skills and character will give them an edge and help them stand out from the crowd. That is why student-athletes are exposed to a broad range of experiences and leadership opportunities to build good character, resilience, social-emotional well-being, future readiness, and active citizenship.

There are six distinct pillars in our Student Development Programme: Character and Citizenship Education, Enhanced Mentorship and Career Guidance, National Education, Sexuality Education, service to others through Values-in-Action projects, and Student Leadership Programme.

The enhanced Mentorship Programme is particularly unique in Sports School. Every student-athlete has a mentor who looks after their overall development. The mentor works closely with sports and academic staff to help student-athletes achieve their goals and support their well-being and development.

The combined efforts of Sports School’s sport, academic and student development programmes provide a holistic experience for student-athletes to become future-ready Learned Champions With Character.

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