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Bowlers are Masters Champions!

Secondary School League 2022

Singapore Sports School’s bowlers who competed in the Masters event at the Secondary School League 2022 proved their prowess by dominating the Boys and Girls Masters events, winning five out of the six medals. Rayden Lim Yisheng (Secondary 5) and Lim Shi En (Secondary 4) led the pack and were crowned as title winners.

In the Boys Masters event, it was an all-Sports School win. While Rayden surprised by edging out other finalists to win the first place, his juniors Mark Leong Yew Chen (Secondary 3) and Kuay Jayan (Secondary 4) took the second and third place respectively. Ashley Lok Victoria (Secondary 4) also did well and won a bronze medal in the Girls’ event.

Shi En, who won the title winner for the Girls Masters event was delighted that she took the gold medal. She said, “Winning the master is of course a big joyful. I just wanted to play with a focused mind and take one-step at a time with no rush for each throw. Throughout the competition, all I was thinking is, I have already done my best. If I win, I will take it and work on improving, and if I lose, I will reflect what I have done wrong and improve.

Winning makes a difference to me because I take this as a small achievement that makes me proud and gives me the motivation to win more competitions. It also gives me the push to improve and fight on during the journey of my sporting life.” She credits her coaches, and supportive parents for being her pillar of support.


Girls Masters
1st - Lim Shi En (Secondary 4)
3rd - Ashley Victoria Lok (Secondary 4)

Boys Masters
1st - Rayden Lim Yisheng– Gold (Secondary 5)
2nd - Mark Leong Yew Chen – Silver (Secondary 3)
3rd - Kuay Jayan (Secondary 4)

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