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A Ride of Lessons

Sports Hub Sports Series 1: Festival of Cycling
Cycosports: Jungle Cross – MTB

Written By:

Ng Kok Wei
Senior General Manager, Individual Programme

After a recent bout of COVID-19, Nicholas Chong Xin Le (Diploma in Business, Year 2) got back into shape to tackle the Criterium Men’s U23 event in the Sports Hub Sports Series 1: Festival of Cycling. At the meet, participants cycle for 20 minutes before the last lap kicks in. Representing the Specialised Dynasty Mavericks, it was a tactical race for Nicholas and his teammates – Syaheed, Toh Jingyi and Andy Koh. The team’s main plan was to get Syaheed into a breakaway. Toh Jinyi, however, crashed out early, so the team had to improvise. Nicholas and teammate Andy then had to manoeuvre all the moves on their opponents, which they did well in. This resulted in Syaheed emerging champion in a dominant finish, while Andy finished in 3rd position and Nicholas came in 4th place.

Muhammad Iman Zainudin (Diploma in Business, Year 1) also participated in the junior category but unfortunately he crashed out, and suffered abrasions and bruises to his legs and face. He felt that the crash could have been avoided but he has learnt from the experience and is looking forward to the next race on his calendar.

Earlier, Mikha Zuhayr Norman (Secondary 3) took part in Jungle Cross – MTB on 6 February where he negotiated the muddy 10km path and finished in a creditable 9th place. On his experience, he said, “It was a good race with my teammates. It was my first mass start and I was mixed with another category so there were about fifty people starting at once. I managed to finish in 9th position with a decent timing, despite the very muddy conditions. I am happy with my results and I hope to do better in the upcoming races.”

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