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Principal's Message

Dear student-athletes, parents and friends,

As a nation, we will be commemorating Total Defence Day on 15 February 2020, during a time of uncertainty and disruptions in Singapore and globally, due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation. This year’s Total Defence Day is a timely reminder of the need for us to stay united and support each other as we ride through this challenging period.

The twice-daily temperature-taking in school (students in Boarding take their temperature again at night), social distancing, avoiding shaking hands or doing fist bumps, so as to minimise physical contact, are not natural for many of us. However, I am heartened that our student-athletes are still keeping their spirits high, and continuing with their learning and training with earnest.

We will need to continue exercising personal responsibility by maintaining personal health (proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, stress management), and personal hygiene (do not touch our eyes, nose and mouth without washing our hands, and cover our mouth when sneezing and coughing). Simple to remember: H&H – Health and Hygiene. Beyond ourselves, exercise social responsibility. Mask-up, stay at home or see a doctor if you are unwell.

This is the time not to be divided by false information. Reject discriminating behaviour such as ostracising those who came back from Leave of Absence or Quarantine Order, or those who are from places where there were confirmed cases. During this time, we should not be hogging masks and food supplies. Take this present situation seriously, but stay calm and be united.

This is the time to show appreciation for those who keep us safe: Our cleaning staff; those in the frontline of the healthcare services; our parents, school staff and service providers. This is the time to show appreciation for our loved ones.

The precautionary measures may need to stay with us for a while, but if we stand united, take personal and social responsibility, show care and concern for each other, we can overcome this as ONE Team Sports School; ONE #SGUnited!

Best regards,
Ong Kim Soon
Principal, Singapore Sports School