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Netting A Bonding Experience

Netball Training Camp

Written By
Charlotte Wong and Chua Jing Rou
Secondary 2, Netball Academy

From 29 November to 2 December 2021, the Secondary 1 and 2 netballers had a four-day training camp which was conducted by the coaches and seniors. The name of the camp was ‘Route To Resilience’.

The aim of this training camp was to make us more resilient, more mentally and physically prepared, independent and have a good mindset. For the camp, we had to plan on what to bring instead of depending on the coaches.

Throughout the training camp, we had some activities planned by the coaches and seniors. One of the activities was called MasterChef. We had to prepare our own dinner by choosing and "bidding" for ingredients, and cooking for ourselves. At first, some of us bid for the ingredients for a very high price which was not so worth it. However, after we went through a few rounds of bidding, we started to understand how we should spend our money. After getting our ingredients, we had 10 minutes to cook the food at each station. Some of us did not know how not to cook a specific ingredient but with our coaches’ guidance, we learnt quickly. This activity prepared us to be more independent so that we are able to buy and cook our own food during overseas competitions.

Another activity we did was called ‘In My Shoes’. All of us were partnered randomly by one of our seniors. Our coach also gave us a sheet of paper to draw the outline of footwear for our partner. Once we were done, we exchanged papers and had to write inside the drawing what it was like to be in their shoes. It could be a good or bad situation. After that, we also had to write our proposed solutions outside the drawing. Later on, we sat next to each other and looked at different directions to prevent us from looking at each other. Each person had a minute to say what they wrote and the partner will only listen and not give any advice.

I feel grateful for the four days of training camp despite COVID-19 restrictions, as the coaches and seniors took time and hard work to organise and plan the activities for us. We could also bond more with our seniors and get to know them better.

The training camp had a strong impact on us because we all had fun as we had learned new experiences like cooking. Learning cooking skills really made us know how much independence we will be needing in the future. The training camp also prepared us for the upcoming competitions that may happen in 2022. The four days made us realise that 2022 may not be an easy year. Some lessons we learnt through the camp are getting out of your comfort zone, the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, and learning to be a good listener without expecting anything in return. All these things are very useful in the future, no matter what situation we face.

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