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Spotlight On Asian Games Debutants

19th Asian Games

Name: Claire Tan Wen Yen
Age: 19
Sport: Artistic Swimming

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When Claire Tan Wen Yen completed her GCE O-Level examinations at Methodist Girls’ School, she decided to join Sports School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Her decision was motivated by the athlete-friendly support provided at Sports School, which she believed would help her career in artistic swimming.

Claire’s involvement in artistic swimming began at a young age, influenced by her mother who also did artistic swimming previously. However, she faced challenges as the sport was demanding and she contemplated quitting. Fortunately, she persevered and joined the national youth team when she was 15 years old. She had her first taste of representing the country then, and she has not looked back since. Since then, she has made it her goal to continue representing Singapore on a global stage. In 2021, she joined the national team and has represented Singapore in many major competitions, such as the World Aquatics Championships.

On representing Singapore at the Asian Games for the first time, she said, “I feel extremely grateful and privileged that I can represent Singapore at such major games. Moreover, I am blessed to work with similarly hardworking and motivated athletes, so I’m excited to showcase our effort and hard work."

"The team has been working hard on their routine and hopes that they can have a podium finish. “We have re-choreographed our routine to maximize our difficulty while ensuring we can execute the moves well. In the coming weeks, we will continue to train our stamina and focus on the small details to ensure perfect synchronicity and completion of movements,” she added.

Name: Filzah Hidayah Nor Anuar
Age: 19
Sport: Fencing

SSP_Asian Games-2.jpg
Having won the gold medal in the 32nd Southeast Asian Games with the Women’s Epee Team in May 2023, Filzah Hidayah Nor Anuar is raring to wield her sword and compete again at the upcoming Asian Games. It has been her dream to become a champion, and her recent win at the SEA Games has sparked a wildfire in her belly, and she is hungry for more success.

The lead-up to major Games has always been at the forefront of Filzah’s mind. Before the SEA Games, she competed in major competitions such as the World Cups and Grand Prix to help with her rankings, learn from her experience, and absorb as many learning points as possible from overseas competitors. Under the guidance of her coaches, the Lianhua Primary School alumna is also working hard to improve her techniques and stamina.

Name: Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi
Age: 21 
Sport: Open Water Swimming

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Photo Credit: Lobinhoot

Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi embarked on his Open Water Swimming journey in 2019 by participating in the SEA Games trials for pure enjoyment. Despite not having any expectations of qualifying for the Games, he astoundingly clinched 1st place in the trials, leading to his unexpected debut at the 2019 SEA Games in the 10km event.

Repeating this remarkable feat once more in April 2022, Ritchie secured his qualification for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

Despite suffering from injuries that have disrupted his preparation for the Games, Ritchie has maintained an optimistic and driven outlook. He said: “My coaches and teammates at the National Training Centre are providing unwavering support and pushing me beyond my limits. I am excited to represent Singapore at the 19th Asian Games and am fully committed to making my family and country proud.”

Name: Tang Hong An
Age: 19
Sport: Shooting

SSP_Asian Games-1.jpg
“Neither by chance nor by fate, will conquers all” is shooter Tang Hong An's mantra. His will to succeed and determination to achieve his goals have earned him a spot at the upcoming Asian Games. This will be Hong An’s debut at major Games, and he looks forward to the experience.

“As it is my first time participating in one of the major Games, I will definitely not be as confident as the other more experienced athletes. However, it helps to remember what my coach told me: it’s the same target, the same 60 shots. I will just have to execute these shots as I do in training and learn from anything that will come at me.”

As Hong An looks back at his journey in shooting, he feels a sense of gratitude. As Hong An was an active child, he had early exposure to sports. He started playing badminton when he was six years old and did wushu as a co-curricular activity in Chongfu Primary School. He attended the Learn-to-Shoot programme in Sports School in Primary 5. He fell in love with shooting and has been holding an air rifle ever since.

Shooting, as Hong An mentioned, offers extreme satisfaction when achieving high scores, but it also presents its own challenges. The need for intense focus and the risk of back injuries due to shooting posture is part of the sport. Nevertheless, he embraces the rewards and difficulties of the sport.

His aspirations to represent Singapore and bring pride to the nation reflect his commitment to his craft. With his strong will and dedication, Hong An is undoubtedly a promising athlete to watch as he embarks on his journey to compete at the Asian Games and beyond.

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