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Two Alumnae Win Ministry of Home Affairs Scholarships

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Scholarships – Singapore Police Force Scholarship, MHA Civilian Scholarship

SSP_MHA Scholarships-4.jpgWhen netball alumna Raeka Ee Pei Ying was still a student-athlete at Sports School, she found a cleaner sleeping in a shower cubicle. This prompted her and her friends to inform the School management, and they took the initiative to spend more time socialising and sharing their snacks with the cleaners, so they feel comfortable taking a break in the open.

"This incident reminded me of the importance of helping others when we're in a position of privilege,” said Raeka in an interview with The Straits Times. This desire to be a champion for others ignited strongly in her, leading her to pursue a career with the Singapore Police Force upon graduation from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

“Police work meaningfully combines my passion for helping others with my interest in the criminal justice system," said the first-year Singapore Management University Law student in her interview with The Straits Times.

Raeka’s outstanding leadership qualities, integrity, and strong interest in police work to safeguard the nation, has won her the Singapore Police Force Scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded by the Public Service Commission.

SSP_MHA Scholarships-3.jpg
Like Raeka, bowling alumna Evangeline Foo Shi Hui, who graduated from the IBDP, is also ready to step forward to serve the nation.

SSP_MHA Scholarships-1.jpgIn an interview with TODAY, Evangeline shared that a simulated emergency exercise conducted in Sports School by the Singapore Police Force was a turning point for her. Even though it was only a simulation, it left a lasting impression on her as she was struck by how the police officers responded to their call of duty to protect lives.

Together with a strong interest in true crime documentaries and podcasts, Evangeline took up a four-year bond and pursue a career related to criminal psychology. The first-year psychology student at the NUS College was awarded a scholarship with the Home Team - a civilian scholarship by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on the intelligence career track. She will join the Home Team in a non-uniformed role conducting analyses and research when she graduates.

Both Raeka and Evangeline were two of the 26 MHA Scholarships recipients who received their Scholarship at the Singapore Police Force Scholarship and the MHA Scholarships Award Ceremony held at The Istana on 18 August 2022, with Mr K Shanmugam in attendance as the Guest-of-Honour. The MHA Scholarships comprise The Singapore Police Force Scholarship, and uniformed and civilian scholarships.

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