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Celebrating Festival of Sports

Pesta Sukan 2022 – Badminton, Fencing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Track and Field

Pesta Sukan 2022 returned in full swing this year with our Badminton, Fencing, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Track and Field Academy taking part in the competition held from 30 July to 7 August 2022. Pesta Sukan is a Malay phrase for “Festival of Sports”. Over one week event, sportsmen and sportswomen were able to come together in camaraderie and goodwill to raise the standard of sports through friendly competitions.

Our fencers who participated in the Junior and Cadet Challenge enjoyed a medal haul of 18 medals. In the Junior Challenge, Joel Chiu Ka Jyn (IBDP, Year 6) and Sean Ho Jia Le (Secondary 3) secured 1st and joint 3rd position respectively in the Men’s Foil category while Isaac Ong Shao En (Secondary 5), Marcus Maximilian Tan (Secondary 4) and Dan Wei Zuo (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 2) made it an all-Sports School 1-2-3 finish in the Men's Sabre category. Joining those who made podium are Si To Jian Tong (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 3) and Tim Shee Zhe Guang (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 2) who finished 2nd and joint 3rd respectively in the Men's Epee category.

Cheung Kemei (IBDP, Year 5) and Juliet Heng Jie Min (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 1) also showcased their excellent fencing skills in the Women’s events. Both Kemei and Juliet finished top in the Women's Foil and Women’s Sabre category respectively, while Esther Tan (Secondary 4) finished joint in the Women’s Epee. Our fencers continued to lunge onto the podium in the Cadet Challenge. Azfar Luqman Ong (Secondary 4) and Marcus Maximilian Tan (Secondary 4) led the charge and fenced off their challenges well to win 1st place in the Men’s Epee and Men’s Sabre categories respectively. Esther Tan and Li Yalu (both Secondary 4) also did well in the competition and secured 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in the Women’s Epee category.

The Track and Field Academy did just as well. They scooped up a total of 17 medals – 9 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze in 12 events. The gold medallists are Navitha Yovan, Xavier Aloysius Tang (both Secondary 3), Audrey Koh Shun Yi, Edsel Poh, Huang Weijun, Sharifah Falisha Syed Ahmed Riadh (all Secondary 4), Samantha Theresa Ortega (IBDP, Year 5), Sheik Fayz Sheik Alau'ddin and Tyeisha Rene Misson Khoo (both Diploma in Business, Year 1)

Cass Chan Si En (IBDP, Year 5) and Ifeanyichukwu Asyaraff Ibrahim Molokwu (Secondary 4) also did well by winning multiple medals at their events. Cass took a silver and bronze in the 400m Hurdles and U20 100m event respectively, while Ifeanyichukwu took a silver and bronze in the U18 400m and U18 200m events.

Our paddlers won a total of 7 medals and 3 titles. It was an all-Sports School win in the U15 Boys event with our paddlers claiming all medals on offer. Nicholas Tan (Secondary 3) stood high on the podium as he won the title, while Chloe Lai Neng Huen (Secondary 3) and Janissa Cheng Yoke Ning (Diploma in Business Studies, Year 1) emerged champions in the U15 and U19 Girls’ events respectively.

Swimmers and shuttlers also finished with medals. Our swimmers clinched 2 silver and 3 bronze medals in the U13 -14 events, while shuttler Tee Kai Ze (Secondary 2) took a silver in the Boys’ Singles.



Boys’ Singles
2nd – Tee Kai Ze


Junior Challenge

Men’s Foil
1st – Joel Chiu Ka Jyn
Joint 3rd – Sean Ho Jia Le

Men's Sabre
1st – Isaac Ong Shao En
2nd – Marcus Maximilian Tan
3rd – Dan Wei Zuo

Men's Epee
2nd – Si To Jian Tong
Joint 3rd – Tim Shee Zhe Guang

Women's Foil
1st – Cheung Kemei

Women’s Epee
Joint 3rd – Esther Tan

Women’s Sabre
1st – Juliet Heng Jie Min

Cadet Challenge

Men’s Foil
3rd – Sean Ho Jia Le

Men’s Epee
1st – Azfar Luqman Ong
3rd – Cevin Sun Qi

Men’s Sabre
1st – Marcus Maximilian Tan
3rd – Lucas Tan Wei Feng

Women’s Foil
3rd – Rachel Koh Rui Jie

Women’s Epee
2nd – Esther Tan
3rd – Li Yalu


Girls 13-14 50m Breaststroke
Joint Bronze – Azlina Mastamam and Samantha Nicole Rajenthran

Girls 13-14 200m Freestyle
Silver – Lee Xuan Ying

Boys 13-14 100m Backstroke
Silver – Javen Soh Jun Teck

Boys 13-14 50m Breaststroke
Bronze – Koh Kai Jie

Table Tennis

U15 Boys
1st - Nicholas Tan
2nd - Yang Ze Yi
Joint 3rd - Ellsworth Le and Zhou Jinghe

U15 Girls
1st- Chloe Lai
3rd - Sie Lay Yin

U19 Girls
1st - Janissa Cheng
2nd - Cassandra Chew (Alumna)

Track and Field

U16 Youth Multi-Event Girls
Gold – Navitha Yovan
Silver – Reina Lau

U16 Youth Multi-Event Boys
Gold – Xavier Aloysius Tang
Bronze – Jayden Ng

U18 100m Female
Gold – Samantha Theresa Ortega

U18 Triple Jump Female
Gold – Sharifah Falisha Syed Ahmed Riadh

U18 200m Male
Bronze – Ifeanyichukwu Asyaraff Ibrahim Molokwu

U18 400m Male
Gold – Edsel Poh
Silver – Ifeanyichukwu Asyaraff Ibrahim Molokwu

U20 100m Male
Gold – Huang Weijun

U20 Discus Throw
Gold – Sheik Fayz Sheik Alau'Ddin

U20 100m Female
Silver – Louisa Helena Janssen
Bronze – Cass Chan Si En

U20 200m Female
Gold – Tyeisha Rene Misson Khoo

U20 200m Male
Bronze – Jamie El-Redha Ang Norhisham

400m Hurdles Female
Gold – Audrey Koh Shun Yi
Silver – Cass Chan Si En

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