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Making Singapore A Better Home For Everyone

Student-Athlete Gives Back To Essential Workers

In uncertain times like these, where the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, people start to worry about their own future, and to make sure that their own needs and necessities would be met. But not DBS Year 3 paddler Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin and her sister Jewelle, who started to express concern and admiration for our essential workers and frontline staff who selflessly risk their lives every day to fight at the healthcare front. They decided to do something to appreciate these staff as part of their own birthday gift to Singapore in our 56th National Day.

“It was really commendable of the frontliners to step up and do their jobs well to keep Singapore safe – I am sure they do fear contracting the virus and passing it on to family members. My sister and I felt that the housekeeping and cleaning staff at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) played a huge role in keeping the patients safe, so we wanted to show our appreciation to them and let them know that we Singaporeans are really thankful for their hard work! We reached out to TTSH to gather more information and eventually kicked off the initiative,” shared Pearlyn, who is also a recipient of the Global Executive Scholarship 2021 from Enterprise Singapore.

The sisters hit upon the idea to put together care packs, and using an online fundraising platform, they raised $1,739 with the support from friends, teammates and family members. The sisters also reached out personally to close to 200 different brands and managed to gain nine sponsors and partners who were able to provide items for the care packs at lower prices.

When the fundraising came to a close on July 14, the pair started purchasing and packing the items. The care packs contained items such as rice, buns, muscle relief patches, wet wipes and shower gels.

“The entire initiative took about 2.5 months, but I would say that the hardest part was to look for sponsors that really resonated with our social cause. But we were really thankful for the nine sponsors and partners who were very generous. The overwhelming support we received showed us that we Singaporeans stand united as one in this pandemic.”

On August 6, the sisters went down to distribute the care packs and met some of the frontline hospital staff, who thanked them for the thoughtful care packs and for recognising their efforts during Covid-19. 
“We can all make a difference to someone else’s life, regardless of how big or small it is. Especially in times like this, I think it is important for Singaporeans to help one another. When we have the ability to do so, we can try to help others who may not have been as fortunate as us. A little kindness can really go a long way. To us, it may seem like a little gesture of appreciation but to them (essential workers), it could mean a lot of encouragement and motivation for them when they realise that their efforts are recognised.”

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