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Going The Extra Mile: Four Student-Athletes Win ROAR Award

ROAR Award Of The Month (July 2021)

Sports School’s staff and student body gave their ROAR of approval for four student-athletes who were recognised on 17 August 2021 for exemplifying the school values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience.

Student-athletes who exhibit these five core Values in their actions and deeds are commended for their extra-mile effort through the ROAR Award. The four admirable student-athletes received their ROAR Awards from Principal Ong Kim Soon.

Three ROAR awards were presented to Secondary 4 student-athletes and batchmates Aniq 'Asri Mohammad Yazid (Pencak Silat), Isaac Ong (Fencing), and Mohamad Afzal Mohamad Zin (Track and Field). The three of them had, on separate occasions, aided a schoolmate who had been displaying signs of distress and who had difficulty breathing. They helped their schoolmate through deep breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and also stayed by their schoolmate’s side until help arrived. Their exemplary care and concern and demonstration of friendship was truly impressive, and all three deserved to receive the ROAR Award today for their efforts.

Afzal expressed his delight to be receiving the award: “I decided to help my classmate as he was having difficulty breathing and that worried me a lot. It’s just a basic instinct to be able to assist others who are in pain physically or mentally. I previously had a similar encounter back in primary school when my classmate had a seizure. I stayed with him till he was feeling better. I know that not many people would be keen to be the first to take action, but I think it’s important to help each other. Let’s take action before it’s too late.”

"I was in a similar situation myself, where I was having difficulties and my friends helped me out. I was touched and grateful, and therefore, I also decided to emulate their kind actions. I have also watched my seniors helping each other out and my parents have always advised me to help others when they are in need," said Aniq.

Isaac, too echoed the same sentiments: “I have asthma myself, and I understand how it would feel for him, and when the situation happened, I talked him through taking deep breaths and regulating his breathing. I think anyone in the same position would have done the same.”

Another student-athlete who was commended for her initiative was Secondary 4 paddler Zhou Jingyi. During the last major check-out at Boarding, Jingyi took it upon herself to collect filled trash bags that had been left behind by other boarders.  She used a trolley to load the trash bags, and brought them down to the refuse bins at Level 1.

Her willingness to take charge of the situation and not rely on the school cleaners to dispose of the trash was commendable.

When asked why she decided to take on the task herself, Jingyi humbly replied: “I thought that since it was check-out day, the cleaners would be busy with many other tasks. Besides, I also had the trolley to move all the trash bags down. Since it was something which I could do, I did not want to trouble the cleaners.”

“I think it’s important to help others, as it will make the world a better place for everyone. Most importantly, both the giver and the receiver will feel happy!”

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