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Fun With Bunga Manggar

Malay Cultural Appreciation Day

On the morning of 12 August, student-athletes entered their classroom in a celebratory mood as they would be learning about Malay wedding celebrations and trying their hands on making Bunga Manggar, a traditional decoration used to usher the bride and groom to the wedding dais or during other festive events involving important guests.

Albeit a virtual workshop, it was no less interactive and engaging than a physical session as they immersed themselves in the rich Malay culture through video lessons of the Malay wedding celebrations and learned about their symbolism. After the video lessons, they were handed materials such as coconut fronds, shiny paper and double-sided tape, and guided on how to make a traditional form of art – Bunga Manggar. 

“Through the workshop, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation of the culture as I learnt about the meanings behind certain customs and tradition. I learnt that the Bunga Manggar are decorations for Malay Weddings and children will play with them, and I enjoyed making the Bunga Manggar. It was not easy as I thought, but it turned out really beautiful with just simple materials we were given. I look forward to more of such workshop, as I enjoy art and crafts,” shared Secondary 3 student-athlete Audrey Koh. 

Batchmate Edsel Poh also found the workshop enjoyable. She said: “Malay wedding celebrations are rich in tradition and culture. I enjoyed the session as it was nice and fun. Now, I know the uses of the Bunga Manggar during Malay festive occasions and especially in Malay weddings.”

The online workshop was put together by the Mother Tongue Department yearly as part of Malay Cultural Appreciation Day to encourage diversity and appreciation of culture through hands-on activity.

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