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Young Leaders Take Charge

2020 Student Leaders’ e-Investiture Ceremony and Student Leaders Workshop

On 30 July 2020, Singapore Sports School welcomed a new batch of student leaders through an e-Student Leaders’ Investiture Ceremony. 115 student-athletes from Secondary 2 to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) were inducted as Student Councillors, Boarding Captains and School Captains, and would begin their term in the 17th Students' Council.

The ceremony began with a speech by Principal Ong Kim Soon who encouraged the newly-inducted student leaders to carry out their leadership responsibilities with pride and commitment, display leadership behaviours centred on their good values, and continue to grow into a better person as a leader. He also thanked the 2019/2020 student leaders, led by Nicholas Rachmadi for their contribution and shared his hopes for them to continue their leadership journey and be a positive influence in their own network even after they step down from their formal positions in the school.

IBDP Year 5 Track and Field student-athlete, Irsyad Mohammad Said will take over from Nicholas Rachmadi, as the new President of the Students’ Council.

“Knowing Irsyad over the years since he was in Secondary 1, he is definitely someone approachable and full of passion. I know he has that spark in him to continue this legacy and beyond. I would like to wish Irsyad, assisted by Vice President, Cheryl Wee and his team, all the best in their new term,” shared Nicholas in his speech at the ceremony.

The induction of student leaders into the Student Council was marked by the badge presentation by mentors at the classrooms and oath-taking led by Irsyad.

“Being one of the student leaders in the Singapore Sports School is an opportunity which not everyone has. It requires a brave heart and determination to accept all the responsibilities throughout our leadership journey. As student leaders, we should hold high standard of our behaviour and set an example for everyone because with that badge on our uniform, we have become a person of influence. We also represent the bridge between the school and the student body. I look forward to serving as your leader while we work together as a team to represent our extraordinary student-athletes and take account of their interest and voice,” shared Irsyad in his speech at the ceremony.

Prior to the investiture, the student leaders participated in a full-day leadership workshop held in school on 24 Jul. Through games and hands-on activities, they learnt more about leadership and what it encompasses to improve their leadership skills.

“My most memorable experience would be an activity where we had to plan a speech within 11 minutes and present to the class. It was a nerve-wrecking first-time experience but the warm applause I received at the end of my speech was encouraging and boosted my confidence. It was inspiring listening to the speeches by other student leaders who shared the same vision and passion to improve the school culture and well-being of our friends,” shared Sabrina Lee, Head Secretary of the Students’ Council.

The 17th Students’ Council is now ready to take charge.

President: Irsyad Mohammad Said (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)
Vice President: Cheryl Wee (Netball, IBDP Year 5)
Head, Secretary: Sabrina Lee Jingyi (Badminton, Secondary 4)
Deputy Head, Secretary: Taneisha Kaur Teo (Bowling, Secondary 3)
Deputy Head, Secretary: Edlyn Nadra Mohammed Sophian (Shooting, Secondary 4)
Head, Project: Raeka Ee Pei Ying (Netball, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, Project: Lau Wei Na (Water Polo, Secondary 4)
Deputy Head, Project: Samantha Theresa Ortega (Track and Field, Secondary 3)
Head, School Spirit: Aqiilah Nissa Muhamad Nazzim (Netball, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, School Spirit: Dakshinnaah Paalu (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, School Spirit: Ezra Nur Iman Zainal (Track and Field, Secondary 3)
Head, Sports Captain: Jolyn Deanne Sim Giak Ying (Netball, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, Sports Captain: Yeo Ben Shin (Track and Field, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, Sports Captain: Stephanie Clarissa Kwa (Swimming, Secondary 3)
Head, Boarding Captain: Olivia Sallit (Track and Field, Secondary 3)
Deputy Head, Boarding Captain: Mavia Kow Hui Min (Netball, Secondary 3)
Deputy Head, Boarding Captain: Kim Yong Zen An (Swimming, Secondary 4)