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Display Of Talent at National School Games

National School Games: Golf, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Wushu


Golfers from Singapore Sports School made a clean sweep of the ‘A’ Division, ‘B’ Division and ‘C’ Division National School Games golf titles! Sisters Jaymie Ng Wan Xin (IBDP Year 5) and Denise Ng Wan Xuan (Secondary) won the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Division titles, while their junior Chen Xingtong claimed the ‘C’ Division title.

‘A’ Division Girls golfer Jaymie roared into a commanding 11 stroke lead after the first day with a 1 under par 71. Not to be outdone, her sister Denise and Chen Xingtong both ended Day 1 in the lead for both ‘B’ Division and ‘C’ Division respectively. Xingtong sunk an eagle on the 9th hole for good measure, to register a 3 under 69.

Jaymie continued Day 2 in good form, and finished with 140 strokes, 37 strokes ahead of the 2021 ‘A’ Division Golf Champion. Last year, Jaymie finished 5th in the ‘B’ Division. Denise had a more nerve-wrecking competition, as Gladys Oh from Holy Innocents High School gave her a tough competition. Finally, Denise won by just one stroke with 11-over 155 total.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Rhythmic Gymnastics team put up a valiant effort to display their poise, rhythm and physical fitness at the NSG Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, emerging with 2 silver and 11 bronze. The team had just completed three local competitions and were looking at testing where they stand ahead during NSG in their build towards the competition season in June.

As Lim Jia Min (Secondary 4) bows out of her final NSG with a bronze each for Clubs, Ribbon and Individual All-Around (IAA) event, this was the first time at NSG for Amelyn Sng Hui-En, Cleo Chew, Faith Hong Haye (Secondary 2), Karyna Malysheva Tan (all Secondary 3), and Thea Chew (Secondary 1). Faith and Karyna’s rhythmic moves won them a bronze for IAA and two other individual apparatus components.

Sisters Cleo Chew and Thea Chew finished with 2 medals apiece from NSG. Though Thea just joined Sports School a few months ago, she has already proven that she has the skills and passion like her three older siblings who are rhythmic gymnasts from Sports School. In her debut NSG, Thea managed to collect 2 silver medals for Hoop and Clubs while her elder sister, Cleo Chew, clinched 2 bronzes for clubs and hoop.

Cleo Chew: Bronze for Clubs and Hoop
Faith Hong Haye: Bronze for Clubs, Hoop and Individual All-Around
Karyna Malysheva Tan: Bronze for Ball, Clubs and Individual All-Around
Lim Jia Min: Bronze for Clubs, Ribbon and Individual All-Around
Thea Chew: Silver for Clubs and Hoop


Wushu exponents showcased their skills and impressed judges at the Wushu NSG. All five student-athletes who participated in the competition from 6 to 14 April 2022 went away with medals at hand. The team took home a total of 9 medals - 6 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Jolie Goh (IBDP Year 5) and Nessya Koh Li Yun (Secondary 1) bagged two gold medals each at NSG. It was an especially momentous win for Nessya, who achieved the top position twice in her first competition since joining Singapore Sports School and her first NSG.

The other gold medallists, Teo Yi Ru (both IBDP Year 5) and Kassandra Ong Xue Ling (Secondary 4), also won a silver each – finishing their NSG campaign with 2 medals each.

Despite suffering from a sprained ankle, Cayden Seow Yu Bin (Secondary 4) put up a strong performance and surprised himself by winning a bronze medal in the 'B' Division Boys Spear event.

'A' Division Girls – Taijiquan
Gold – Jolie Goh

'A' Division Girls – Taiji Sword
Gold – Jolie Goh

'A' Division Girls – Nanquan
Gold – Teo Yi Ru

'A' Division Girls – Nan Dao
Silver – Teo Yi Ru

'B' Division Girls – Broadsword
Gold – Kassandra Ong Xue Ling

'B' Division Girls – Changquan
Silver – Kassandra Ong Xue Ling

'B' Division Boys – Spear
Bronze – Cayden Seow Yu Bin

'C' Division Girls – Broadsword
Gold – Nessya Koh Li Yun

'C' Division Girls – Cudgel
Gold – Nessya Koh Li Yun

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