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Caring School Mates Show Kindness

ROAR Award of the Month (April 2022)

When Eleanor Quah Yu Wei (IBDP Year 5) and Maxx Lee Yu Wei (IBDP Year 6) found out that their school mate was injured and needed to move around in a wheelchair, they immediately reached out to her and planned how to support her during this period. They would push her around in the wheelchair and accompany her for all her lessons and meals throughout the day. They would take turns to wait for her at the foyer each morning when her parents sent her to school and brought her back to the foyer at the end of the day.

They continued to support their school mate even when she was well enough to hobble around on her crutches. Their responsibility and kindness, including attention to details to ensure the well-being of their friend is certainly commendable. Eleanor and Maxx are worthy winners of this month’s ROAR Award.

On receiving the award, Maxx shared, “I feel thankful for receiving this award as it shows me and my friends actions have been recognised. I feel receiving the award has more to it, it also shows the rest of the school that all of us as a school have to play an active role in our community to help one another so that we can all go about having a more enjoyable and stress free life.”

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