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6 Months Of Multi-Sport Academy

Multi-Sport Academy

It has been six months since the new Multi-Sport Academy has been launched, and the first batch of 9 student-athletes have done well navigating being the new kids in the block.

In January 2023, the Multi-Sport Academy was added to the suite of sports offered in Singapore Sports School. Unlike the other Academies which specialise in a sport, the Multi-Sport Academy focuses on broad-based training that will build muscle, motor, movement, and mental skills that will be useful in athletic pursuits.

Student-athletes in the Multi-Sport Academy will be engaged in three sports in their first two years, namely track and field, basketball and sport climbing. They will have opportunities to develop their skills and participate in age- and level-appropriate competitions. Thus far, they have participated in Club Zoom Track Challenge event and have other competitions lined up for them including Pesta Sukan and the Spartan Race in August.

In the first six months, student-athletes have completed their track and field module and are currently doing their basketball module. They also have had supplementary classes in Parkour, a classic military obstacle course training method to get from one point to another in the fastest and most efficient way to explore other movements. In addition, they developed fundamental movement skills and have done bodyweight resistance training to enhance their strength and conditioning.

The coaches not only train student-athletes in movement skills but also emphasize the development of soft skills and values such as adaptability, open-mindedness, humility, resilience, and risk-taking. These skills and values are seen as important for them to explore and master multiple skills before specialising, and to be a champion in sport, for sports and in life.

Liza Sem Bingyan, the General Manager of the Multi-Sport Academy shared, “Some of them (student-athletes) have stepped up over the past few months, taking initiative in leading the team and volunteering for recruitment of the next batch since we have no seniors. It is particularly heart-warming to see some of them wanting to push the academy to greater standards by being a role model and doing things out of their comfort zone.”

Though it is challenging getting a new academy up and running, she is delighted that her student-athletes have grown in the short six months, and are coping well, though they do not have seniors to learn from.

Jovan Chan Jie Hui joined the Multi-Sport Academy as he enjoys sports and was doing multiple sports when he was in Maris Stella High School (Primary). He said, “I feel that the Multi-Sports Academy will help me to excel in many sports but also in studies. Joining the Academy will also allow me to develop different motor skills as we are learning many sports. Even though we are not specialising in lower secondary, I feel that this can teach me other values like learning to adapt to changes and perseverance.”

On the skills he has gained thus far, Jovan shared, “Track and field is about achieving a personal best while basketball is about working with others to achieve a great team result. Parkour trains me to overcome my fears while learning how to fall safely. All in all, these different sports have helped me to learn many new things and to apply them to help me in the future. I have had memorable moments in each sport that have made my time in Sports School enjoyable for me.”

His academy mate Mohamad Adam Mohamad Aidil agreed and shared his experience: “I joined Multi-Sport Academy as I wanted to experience different kinds of sports and have more pathways at sports. The first six months for me were very thrilling and exciting as there were good times and bad times, but I know that the team will always stick together. My aspiration for the future is to be a national athlete and represent Singapore.”

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