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Young Leaders Take The Reins

2021 Student Leaders’ e-Investiture Ceremony

Singapore Sports School inaugurated the latest batch of student leaders on 29 July 2021 in the e-Student Leaders’ Investiture Ceremony. This year, 139 student-athletes from Secondary 2 to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme were proudly inducted as Student Councillors, School Captains, Boarding Captains and Class Representatives in the 18th Students’ Council.

The e-ceremony kicked off with a speech by Principal Ong Kim Soon who thanked the student leaders for stepping forward to lead, and spurred them on to carry out their leadership responsibilities while reflecting, learning and growing on their leadership journey. He also encouraged them to set good examples for others, inspire a shared vision, while challenging the process, fostering collaboration and “encouraging the heart” to celebrate common goals.

Principal Ong also urged all student-athletes to adopt a growth mindset, and to better themselves, in academic learning, sport performance and all aspects of their lives.

“As you step up to make a difference in this school, we want to see greater student-led initiatives, we want to hear what you have to say to make this a better place. So besides meeting representatives of every level of student-athletes once a year, I’ve also asked to meet members of the Council Executive Committee (exco) every one to two months. I would like to listen to your recommendations for school improvements and I would also like to influence and see your growth,” said Principal Ong, who also urged the other student-athletes to support the student leaders in making Sports School the best place for learning, training and growing.

IBDP Year 5 Badminton student-athlete, Sabrina Lee Jingyi will take over from IBDP Year 6 Track and Field student-athlete Irsyad Mohammad Said, as the new President of the Students’ Council.

“Do better, be kinder, louder, stronger, and achieve more. This is how Singapore Sports School can grow as an organisation. I wish much encouragement and strength (for you) in this new stage and I hope that you will remain committed to this school. Next year will be filled with challenges, frustrations and moments where giving up can feel all too easy, but I hope that if you understand what it means to be a leader in Singapore Sports School, giving up will never be an option,” said Irsyad in his speech.

The induction of student leaders into the Students’ Council was marked by the badge presentation by student-athletes’ respective academy mentors in the classrooms and oath-taking led by Sabrina.

“As busy student-athletes, it may seem daunting to take on additional responsibilities now, but I hope we can all step up to our roles to the best of our abilities. In the 18th Student Council, we will close the gaps between different groups of student leaders in our school. Be it Student Councillors, Sports Captains, Boarding Captains or Class Representatives, we will all work together towards one common goal – discussing strategies to strengthen student-athletes’ voice and ownership to forge a stronger sense of belonging to our school,” shared Sabrina in her speech at the ceremony.

PresidentSabrina Lee Jingyi (Badminton, IBDP Year 5)
Vice PresidentTaneisha Kaur Teo Eelin (Bowling, Secondary 4)

Samantha Theresa Ortega (Track and Field, Secondary 4)
Head, School CultureLau Wei Na (Water Polo, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, School Culture
Nikita Mae Jing-Yu Meyers (Track and Field, Secondary 3)

Megan Low Wen Qi (Netball, Secondary 3)
Head, Student Wellbeing
Edlyn Nadra Mohammed Sophian (Shooting, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, Student Wellbeing
Janelle Lum Wai Yan (Track and Field, Secondary 4)

Kieran Chew (Shooting, Secondary 3)
Head, Sports Captain
Mandy Koh Mun Leng (Bowling, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, Sports Captain
Remus Ng (Badminton, Secondary 4)

Leroy Lock (Swimming, Secondary 3)
Head, Boarding Captain
Alexis Lee Ying Shin (Badminton, IBDP Year 5)
Deputy Head, Boarding Captain
Olivia Sallit (Netball, Secondary 4)

Cheyenne Lim Hwee Suan (Netball, Secondary 4)