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Two Alumni Receive NSF Of The Year Awards

NSF Of The Year 2022

Two alumni – Mohamad Irwan Abdul Rahman (Class of 2016) and Afiq Azrhy Ahmad Ehwan (Class of 2013) – were recognised with the Army NSF of the Year Award 2022 for their exemplary qualities and conduct during their full-time national service.

Mohamad Irwan Abdul Rahman was a role-model student-athlete during his time at Singapore Sports School. He was in the national team and has represented Singapore in several international competitions, including achieving a silver and a bronze medal in the 10m Air Rifle at the 2017 and 2019 Southeast Asian Games. Irwan also graduated from Sports School with a Diploma in Merit in Sports and Leisure Management for his good Grade Point Average.

As a platoon sergeant in the 1st Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment, Irwan had impressed with his outstanding leadership abilities, dedication, and drive for excellence – qualities he feels he gained as a student-athlete at Sports School. “My experience in Sports School allowed me to easily assimilate to the NS culture of discipline and regimentation. With a sense of familiarity with the lifestyle, I was able to fully immerse myself into the NS experience, creating new bonds with fellow soldiers, and giving it my all to serve and defend my country. Furthermore, there were some familiar faces from Sports School that made the experience all the more enjoyable and fulfilling!” shared Irwan who feels extremely honoured to receive the award.

The other recipient of the award is Afiq Azrhy Ahmad Ehwan, who received the accolade for being a role-model national serviceman as an infantry trooper. He was a former student-athlete in the Football Academy, during which he represented Singapore at the youth level from Under-13 to Under-18. He also played football professionally with the Warriors Football Club for about a year. On receiving the award, Afiq shared, “I feel honoured to be able to receive this prestigious award, and it would not have been possible without the support of my family, friends and commanders during my time in service.” He added, “Sports School has provided me with the opportunities and guidance to become a more disciplined and passionate individual, which I am eternally grateful for.”

Irwan is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Economics at Singapore Management University, while Afiq is taking a degree in Mechatronics Systems at the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Citation on Mohamad Irwan:
“An exemplary leader, he displayed sterling standards in training and operations, punching above his weight on many occasions to ensure mission success. Dedicated and unwavering, his drive for excellence was an inspiration to his soldiers, whom he had commanded with care and tough training. His conduct and performance had earned him the respect of his fellow soldiers.”

Citation on Afiq Azrhy:
“An outstanding soldier, he strived for excellence and readily provides a helping hand to those in need. Positive and sincere, he endangered trust and camaraderie among his peers and rallied them to achieve mission success. His conduct and performance has earned him the respect of his fellow soldiers.”

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