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Whistleblowing Policy

Singapore Sports School is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. The School encourages employees and stakeholders to report any wrongful practices and misconduct. The Whistleblowing Policy provides an avenue for reporting of such concerns without fear of reprisal.

Wrongful practices and misconduct include, but is not limited to, any unethical behaviour, fraud, corruption, academic or professional malpractice, breach of duties, financial irregularities and harassment.

All reports of wrongful practices or misconduct must be made without malice and in good faith. Any disclosure should contain the following information, where possible, to enable the alleged wrongful practice and misconduct to be investigated:

(a) nature and description of the alleged wrongful practice or misconduct (including the date, time and place where the alleged wrongful practice occurred);
(b) name of employee alleged to have committed the wrongful practice or misconduct; and
(c) any other useful information or evidence to support the report.

Protection & Confidentiality

The School will, with a view to preventing reprisals, protect the identity of the person who has made the disclosure and of the witness(es) when investigating.

The School shall keep all reports strictly confidential except where otherwise required by law. Once a disclosure is made, the person who made the disclosure shares in the responsibility to maintain confidentiality as well. Failure to protect confidentiality may affect the integrity of any investigation into the disclosure.

Reporting Channels

To enable us to effectively investigate your concerns, please provide your name and contact number.


Mail : Attention : Chairman, HR Committee/Principal
Singapore Sports School
1 Champions Way
Singapore 737913

Employees can also refer to the internal staff policy on ‘Disclosure on Wrongful Practices or Misconduct’ for other channels of reporting.