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ROAR Award Celebrates Remarkable Individuals

Roar Award - March 2024

The ROAR Award recipients for March 2024 are Abdul Barr Abdulattif and Reina Lau.

Even after experiencing a serious injury and feeling demoralized as his juniors surpassed his skill level post-injury, gymnast Abdul Barr demonstrated resilience and determination to make a comeback. He ultimately excelled at the 2024 Singapore Gymnastics National Championships, securing the gold medal. Although rebuilding his confidence post-accident remains an ongoing journey, winning the gold medal has significantly alleviated some of his fears. Barr exhibited remarkable resilience, not letting setbacks deter him, and showed steely determination in achieving his target.

Despite her demanding schedule, Reina Lau from the Track and Field Academy exhibited versatility and dedication by composing and recording the 20th Anniversary song. Additionally, she energized the crowd during the School's Open House as the in-house DJ and emcee. She displayed composure when making impromptu announcements. Overall, Reina showed that she can take on challenges in her responsibilities well and work creatively to meet the demands.

These two individuals exemplify perseverance, talent, and dedication, embodying the spirit of excellence that the ROAR Award celebrates.